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Common sense and etiquette for Zoom

In order for you as a student to have as good an experience and condition as possible for studying at a distance, here are some guidelines.

With these guidelines, we aim to protect you as students and to ensure that the teaching continues in a professional and serious way with maintained quality.

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All rules that apply in a classroom / lecture hall also apply in Zoom.

  • Look for a place in a calm and quiet environment where you are undisturbed, preferably without movement in the background.
  • Prepare by looking up the link for the zoom meeting well ahead of time.
  • Log in well in advance before the zoom meeting begins so that you are ready to participate from the start.
  • Turn on the camera and mute the microphone unless the teacher says otherwise. When you have to speak, turn on the microphone, then turn it off again. During breaks, you can turn off the camera.
  • Make sure you have the material you need at hand, such as course literature and note materials, before the zoom meeting starts.
  • Behave and dress as if you were on site at the department. The recommendation is to sit at a desk / dining table. This is also most ergonomic and you avoid back and neck pain in the long run.
  • Name yourself on zoom as "First name Last name" - this makes it easier for the teacher to see who is present.
  • If you as a student do not want to show your home in the background, it is okay to have a background image / virtual background that is neutral, without special motifs and figures. Keep it professional.
  • Wait to eat until there is a break or your meeting is over.
  • Feel free to place the computer's camera / screen at face height - a book stack underneath works fine.

Also keep in mind that cable connection provides a better connection than wireless, and that if several people use the connection at the same time, it can affect picture and sound quality.

Thank you for applying common sense and etiquette when using Zoom!

Directors of Studies