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Have you used your SU email address for a private Zoom account?

Have you used your student email to register for a private Zoom account? If so, you have to change to a private email address to keep following distance learning at SU.

A number of students have created their own account at Zoom using their student email address ( This creates problems with Breakout Rooms for instance.
If you have used your SU email address to register for a private Zoom account you have to change the email address on your private account to be able to connect to lectures and meetings arranged by SU.

When you log in to Zoom you will be given a choice to move your account to SU or change the address on your old account.

Zoom Update Account Information

On Monday May 25 all email addresses ending in will be registered in the university Zoom service which means that if you haven’t changed address in Zoom you will be forced to do so when you log into Zoom again.

This operation will guarantee that Zoom will work correctly at Stockholm University and that our Zoom activities are conducted within infrastructure in the Nordics.