Universeum Science Centre in Gothenburg.

Since its launch in 2001, Universeum has developed into one of the most popular arenas for science outreach in Sweden. It attracts more than 600,000 visitors each year, with 75,000 of them teachers and students.

Universeum is currently expanding, with major investments into activities on digitalisation and sustainable development. As part of this expansion, Universeum will draw from the scientific capacity at the SRC to better visualize and explain sustainability science. Researchers from the SRC will be science partners to various exhibitions and outreach activities developed by Universeum, making sure all aspects of the relevant activities are well anchored with the latest science.

Says SRC deputy director Victor Galaz: “This partnership represents a very important step towards a more accessible and visual communication of complex sustainability science and resilience thinking.” With an increasing public interest in sustainability issues, the SRC hopes this partnership can support further interest.

Carina Halvord, director of Universeum, adds: “Stockholm Resilience Centre’s transdisciplinary approach fits well with Universeum’s mission and work. Working with a world leading science such as the SRC adds considerable value to our work.”
The collaboration is initially set for for three years but with the intention of turning it into a longer term partnership.