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Stockholm University – a leading centre for higher education and research

In the heart of the national city park and only ten minutes from the city, Stockholm University is one of Europe's leading centres for higher education, ranked among the world’s top 100 universities.

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Knowledge, enlightenment and the pursuit of truth are ideals that have characterised Stockholm University ever since its inception in 1878. It was founded then as a modern institution for the capital city in the spirit of the Enlightenment, with the aim of producing new knowledge, fostering critical thinking and serving society.


World's most prestigious award

The Nobel Prize, awarded each year since 1901, is the world's most prestigious international award in recognition of academic, cultural, or scientific advances, administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden. Four researchers from Stockholm University have received the Nobel Prize and a fifth has been awarded the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

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A university for the capital city

To Stockholm University, education and personal enrichment are cornerstones of the advancement of knowledge in society. As a university for the capital city, Stockholm University has traditionally prioritised a wide range of courses and programmes with a balanced composition of general programmes, vocational programmes and a wide selection of freestanding courses, the latter of which provide unique opportunities for lifelong learning.

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Independent research in an international environment

Stockholm University is characterised by an international environment with research and education closely connected. Our researchers are also educators and contribute to the development of society. The University conducts independent basic research and impartial applied research of high calibre. There are two scientific areas – natural sciences and human sciences – with human sciences divided into three faculties: social science, humanities and law.

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