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Teaching in the spring semester 2022, A and B periods

Taking into account the current situation surrounding covid-19, SULaw's guidelines about teaching and examination in the spring semester have been updated. Read more below.

Photo: Anna-Karin Landin

On February 3, the Swedish government announced that most of the restrictions and recommendations introduced to stop the spread of covid-19 would be lifted on February 9. For universities and colleges, this means a gradual return to teaching on campus.

The Department of Law has previously set special guidelines for the A-period of the spring semester and these will remain in place until the end that period. Concretely, courses started in the A-period will continue to have elements both on campus and online. Exceptions can be made for re-examination, which can be carried out on campus if it is deemed appropriate to do so.

Spring semester, B-period

New guidelines will apply for the B period: courses will be carried out on campus with physical attendance at all mandatory parts, in accordance with the regular, pre-pandemic, course setup. Read more about what applies to teaching and examination on the spring semester on the following page:

Teaching form in the spring semester 2022