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The SU Business Model Cup competition is open

Compete with sustainable business ideas. Now the spring semester competition has opened. Until April 20, you can participate by uploading entries on the competition platform. You find the link at the bottom of the page.

SU Business Model Cup was launched in 2017 and is a competition for sustainable business models. The purpose is to enable students, researchers and employees to get help at an early stage to develop sustainable business models. The competition is held every semester and is open to all departments at Stockholm University. This diversity is the strength of SU Business Model Cup organized by Stockholm Business School and Drivhuset.

The area of ​​sustainability has become increasingly relevant, both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. It is important for all companies, both established and start-up, to think both economically sustainable but also socially and environmentally, in order to achieve the best possible development and use of resources for all.


Who can compete?

The competition is open to everyone for all students, researchers, doctoral students and employees at Stockholm University.


When is the competition open?

The competition opens on February 4, 2021.




What can you win?

The competition is divided into two different categories; best student idea and best research idea. First prize in each category SEK 7,000, second prize in each category is SEK 3,000.


What does the process look like?

The competition opens on February 4.
Entries must be submitted no later than April 20 at 12.00
Feedback opportunity: April 26-28
Pit training for nominated team May 4 and 6.
Final event: pitch for Dragon nest 11 May.


What must be submitted?

On the competition platform, there are a number of questions to answer regarding the business idea and the team behind the idea. What problem / need does your business idea solve and how are you going to make money? What is more unique about your idea and how do you link it to sustainability and the global goals?

Read more and enter the submission page

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For more information about the SU Business Model Cup, contact Tony Apéria at