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The university’s new English and Swedish websites

Now there’s a new look for the university’s English and Swedish websites with more space for pictures and videos. The content and structure has been reworked to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

“The new sites are an important step in our ambition to simplify everyday life for students and staff. We now have modern websites that, among other things, meet the requirements of accessibility and make it easier to find information”, says Eino Örnfeldt, University Director.

The new websites have been developed according to the needs of the audience and the web editors, and also meet stringent requirements for accessibility and usability. The goal is that it will be easier to find the information you need and that the information is both relevant and inspiring.

What’s new?

The first phase of the project included a new education site and education catalogue that was with a simplified design with more white space and new functionality. To make it quicker for visitors to find information, there are shortcuts in the top menu and selected reading at the bottom of the page. The new website was developed to work well for all users, both on computer and on mobile.

Now we are launching a new design for the entire central website: Research, About us, and the main page. Each of these sites has a unique design to fulfil the needs of the user, and the main page acts as a showcase for all of the university’s activities.

“The launch of our new websites is a long-awaited improvement that will have a major impact for the university’s communication with students, researchers, collaborative partners and other societal actors. We can highlight and give an overview of the range of our activities in a way that’s multifaceted and accessible, through text, pictures and video,” says Linda Carlsson, Director of Communications.

The work continues

At the same time that the central webpages have been updated, the departmental websites are also being transferred into the new design. Then, the central Research page will be enriched with pages about research projects and research themes. Lastly, the entire search function will be overhauled.
The departments will start to launch their new Education sites in October.

“The web project will be completed in the middle of next year. The websites will work together in a cohesive system with integrations and smart features. We continue to keep the user in focus and the way we work with web content will be easier for everyone”, says Anna Karin Haspe, Project Leader for Webb2021.

University’s work with digitalisation

The launching of our new websites is the first step to strengthening Stockholm University’s digital presence. We will continue to improve the other university websites and digital tools in order to create a more unified user experience for visitors, employees, and students.