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Using time to link the quantum world with Einstein’s gravitational theory

No one has yet managed to combine Einstein’s general theory of relativity with quantum mechanics. Wallenberg Academy Fellow Magdalena Zych is rising to the challenge using a new mathematical framework in which time is the link between the theories.

Magdalena Zych
Magdalena Zych is researcher in theoretical physics and Wallenberg Academy Fellow. Photo: Magnus Bergström/KAW

Quantum mechanics is the tool for anyone wishing to describe the smallest components of our world – elementary particles – and how they interact with each other. But those also wishing to include the impact of gravity quickly run into trouble. No one has yet succeeded in reconciling quantum mechanics with Einstein’s gravitational theory.

“Many people argue that either quantum mechanics or gravitational theory will have to be modified to create a coherent theory. But others, including me, I think we need to find a more general description that incorporates both fields,” says theoretical physics Magdalena Zych.

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