Stockholm university logo, link to start page

Welcome to our new website!

Our website now has the same design as large parts of the Stockholm University web have had lately.

Två personer tittar på en dator, bokhyllor i bakgrunden
Foto Karl Edqvist

Our new website has a different structure, where the main menu is found in the top right corner. The search box is still the most prominent feature of the start page, but the rest of the start page has a a mix of old and new content.

Important features such as My library account, News and Calendar have permanent places. Other parts of the start page highlight various current subjects – in these areas the content will be changed more often.

Information and services for researchers that formerly were found under Publish at our website have moved to the Staff website. All pages are now available at There you will find information on best publishing practices, doctoral dissertations, bibliometry, open access, copyright and dissemination. Moving the pages was one step in creating an overall site with all kinds of services and support for researchers at Stockholm University.

Our old website is no longer available.

We hope that all our visitors will find what they are looking for here, and maybe find something new and surprising too. Welcome!