Anselm Schneider

Universitetslektor, Assistant Professor

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Works at Stockholm Business School
Telephone 08-16 29 87
Visiting address Kräftriket hus 15
Room 3:321
Postal address Företagsekonomiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I hold a Master’s degree in economics (Freie Universität Berlin, 2006) and a PhD in business administration (University of Zurich, 2014). Before joining Stockholm Business School, I was a researcher in the area of corporate sustainability at the University of Zurich and a doctoral fellow at the Swiss National Centre of Excellence in Research (trade regulation).


I teach in the areas of busines & society and organization theory, both on the undergraduate and graduate level. I run the courses "Business and Society" and "Power and Resistance" in the Master's Programme in Management, Organization and Society and the course "Business, Politics and Culture" in the International Business and Politics Programme.

I also serve as a co-director for the Bachelor's programme International Business and Politics.

In addition, I often give guest lectures based on my research and regularly supervise Bachelor's and Master's theses.


My research lies in the interface of organization theory and political science. I am interested in the ways in which business firms influence society and the natural environment, and how these influences feed back to organizations. I analyze these questions in settings such as global governance, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, and more recently also in the context of digital capitalism. In particular, I am concerned with different forms of corporate control such as global business regulation, corporate governance, and democratic forms of decision making on the level of business firms.

From 2019 to 2021 I serve as the principal investigator of a research project funded by Handelsbanken Research Foundation that explores the attempts of actors to change institutions on the societal level, with an empirical focus on the role of corporate sponsored think tanks in climate policy.

My research has been published in journals such as the Journal of Management Studies, Business & Society, and the Journal of Business Ethics as well as in several edited volumes.

Selected publications

Schneider, A., Hinton, J., Collste, D., Gonzaléz, T.S., Cortes-Calderon, S., & Aguiar, A.P.D. 2020. Can transnational corporations leverage systemic change towards a "sustainable" future? Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Schneider, A. 2020. Bound to fail? Exploring the systemic pathologies of CSR and their implications for CSR research. Business & Society, 59(7): 1303-1338

Schneider, A., & Scherer, A.G. 2019. State governance beyond the ‘shadow of hierarchy’: A social mechanisms perspective on governmental CSR policies. Organization Studies, 40(8): 1147-1168.

Schneider, A., & Scherer, A.G. 2019. Reconsidering the legitimacy and efficiency of corporate strategies - A case for organizational democracy. In A. Sales (Ed.). Corporate social responsibility. Institutional and organizational perspectives. Springer.

Schneider, A. 2018. Unbundling corporate sustainability management and assessment. In H. Borland, A. Lindgren, J. Vanhamme, F. Maon, V. Ambrosini., & B. Palacio Florencio (Eds.). Business strategies for sustainability: A research anthology. Routledge: New York.

Schneider, A., Wickert, C., & Marti, E.  2017. Reducing complexity by creating complexity: A systems theory perspective on how organizations respond to their environments. Journal of Management Studies, 54: 182-208.

Peels, R., Echeverria, E.M., Aissi, J., & Schneider, A. 2016. Corporate Social Responsibility in trade agreements. In Handbook on assessment of labour provisions in trade and investment arrangements (pp.113-117). International Labour Organization: Geneva.

   Published in Spanish in 2017 as: Las responsibilidad social de las empresas en
   los acuerdos comerciales. In: Manual de evaluación de las dispociones
   laborales en acuerdos comerciales y de inversión.

   Organización Internacional de Trabajo.

Schneider, A. 2015. Reflexivity in sustainability accounting and management Transcending the economic focus of corporate sustainability. Journal of Business Ethics, 127: 525-536.

Schneider, A., & Scherer, A. G. 2015. Corporate governance in a risk society. Journal of Business Ethics, 126: 309-323.

Peels, R., & Schneider, A. 2014. The potential role of the ILO to enhance institutional coherence on CSR in international trade and investment agreements. Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations, 89: 139-257.

Schneider, A. 2014. Embracing ambiguity – Lessons from the study of corporate social responsibility throughout the rise and decline of the modern welfare-state. Business Ethics: A European Review, 23: 293-308.

Scherer, A.G., Baumann-Pauly, D. & Schneider, A. 2013. Democratizing corporate governance: Compensating for the democratic deficit of corporate political activity and corporate citizenship. Business & Society, 52: 473-514.

Schneider, A., & Meins, E. 2012. Two dimensions of corporate sustainability assessment: Towards a comprehensive framework. Business Strategy and the Environment, 21: 211-222.


Last updated: August 10, 2020

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