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Blaise Goutéraux

About me

I am a theorist working at the interface between high energy theory and condensed matter. The holographic principle (aka gauge/gravity duality or ads/cft) is one of the most important insights coming out of string theory in the twentieth century. It lets us ask fundamental questions about gravity and the emergence of spacetime, but also about strongly-correlated quantum phases of matter in general.

The key questions I am trying to answer are:

- What is the physics of cold black hole horizons in anti de Sitter spacetime (their scaling properties, the instabilities they are subject to), and what does it teach us about strongly-correlated quantum phases of matter?

- How can we describe thermoelectric transport without quasiparticles? This question is central for the understanding of high temperature superconductors (like the cuprates) which have resisted theoretical efforts for the past thirty years.


My full list of publications can be found on Inspire, arXiv or Google Scholar.

Past appointments

- 2014-2016: Marie Curie Fellow, Stanford University and CNRS, France.

- 2012-2014: Nordita Fellow.

- 2010-2012: Research and Teaching Fellow, University Paris Diderot Paris 7.


Honors and Awards

- 2014: Marie Curie Outgoing Fellowship, European Union's Seventh Framework Programme.


Professional education

- 2007-2010: PhD student, University Paris-Sud XI.

- 2003-2007: Student at Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France.