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Carina Carlhed Ydhag


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Works at Department of Education
Telephone 08-16 30 87
Visiting address Frescativägen 54
Room 1722
Postal address Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I hold a position as a senior lecturer in Education at Stockholm University, Department of Education. I was granted as Associate professor in Sociology of Education in 2012. I am also Director of Research Studies in Education at the department. My research spans critical studies of social structures of dominance within social and professional fields (Education and Medicine) and student social mobility, participation and study success in higher education and scientific knowledge production of student completion in the European policy context. I try to keeping up an interest towards old research endeavours like Parent – professional collaboration in (re)habilitation services for young children with disabilities or special education settings.

I have a extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methods covering surveys, case studies with mixed methods, interviews, historical analysis using archive material and discourse analysis. My theoretical ”toolbox” contains primaily theory within Sociology of Education with a solid base in Pierre Bourdieu’s work and inspirations from other scholars in cultural and educational sociology, new institutionalism, discourse theory, sociology of knowledge and sociology of professions and also from the contemporary research field on Higher education. 

I was visiting Institute of Education, University College London as a guest researcher September 28th – October 25th 2015 and I was also visiting Unit of Widening participation at University College of London between September 13th-25th 2015.

I have been one of the national experts in the EU-project ”Study on dropout and completion in higher education in Europe – HEDOCE”, directed by the research consortium of members from the research groups CHEPS,  University of Twente and NIFU, Norway. Published reports from the project are found here

I have also contributed with Swedish data to the international research project ’Drawing the global access to post-secondary education map’ initiated by The GAPS (Global Access to Post-Secondary Education) initiative , GAPS is initiated and led by European Access Network and is supported by a consortium of organisations across the world. The aim is to build a global map which illustrates inequality in different countries and how it is measured.

See also my personal website

Peer Reviewed Articles

Carlhed, C. (2017) The Social Space of Educational Strategies: Exploring Patterns of Enrolment, Efficiency and Completion among Swedish Students in Undergraduate Programmes with Professional Qualifications, Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, 61:5, 503-525, Download article here (preprint) or link to Journal’s homepage and published article. DOI:

Carlhed, C. (2017). Resistances to scientific knowledge production of comparative measurements of dropout and completion in European Higher Education. European Educational Research Journal. Vol. 16(4) 386–406

Engström, S. & Carlhed, C. (2014). Different habitus – different strategies in teaching physics? Relationships between teachers’ social, economic and cultural capital and strategies in teaching physics in upper secondary school. Cultural Studies of Science Education, September 2014, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp 699-728.

Carlhed, C. (2013). The rise of the professional field of Medicine in Sweden. Professions & Professionalism. Vol.3, no 2, p. 562.

Carlhed, C. & Göransson, K. (2012). Sekvensmodellen – en ny metod för att studera institutionella villkor och ömsesidiga förväntningar avseende samverkan mellan professionella och föräldrar. [The sequence model – new ways to research institutional conditions and mutual expectations in parent-professional collaboration]. Fokus på familien. Nordisk tidsskrift for familie- og relasjonsarbeid, nr 4, 2012, pp 294-312.

Carlhed, C. (2011). Fält, habitus och kapital som kompletterande redskap i professionsforskning. [Field, habitus and capital as supplementary tools in research on professions]. Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift. nr 4:2011, 283-300.

Carlhed, C. & Alfredsson, I. (2009). Swedish National Data Service’s Strategy for Sharing and Mediating Data. Practices of Open Access to and Reuse of Research. IASSIST QUARTERLY, vol. 32, Spring/Winter 2008, No 1-4, Pp 30-39

Carlhed, C. (2003). Defining dimensions in family-oriented services in early childhood intervention. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research. Vol 5, No 2. Pp. 185-202.

Carlhed, C., Björck-Åkesson, E., & Granlund, M. (2003). Parent Perspectives on Early Intervention: The Paradox of Needs and Rights. The British Journal of Developmental Disabilities. Vol.49, Part 2, No.97. Pp 79-89.


Carlhed Ydhag, C. (in press). Uppkomsten av en professionell medicin. Läkares, sjuksköterskors och laboratoriebiträdens formering. (Peer review monograph in Stockholm University Press, approx. 240 s) Planned edition fall 2018.

Carlhed, C. (2007). Medicinens lyskraft och skuggor. Om trosföreställningar och symbolisk makt inom habiliteringen 1960―1980. [The Glow and Shadows of the Medicine. Doxa and Symbolic Power in the area of Services to Young Children with Disabilities 1960-1980]. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Uppsala Studies in Education 116. PhD dissertation.

Book Chapters

Carlhed Ydhag, C. (in press). Det medicinska fältets professionalisering. Professioner i Sverige Historiska perspektiv. Studentlitteratur. (90 p). 

Carlhed, C. (2016). Familjebakgrund avgör strategi för högre studier. Det sociala rummet av utbildningsstrategier. I Vetenskapsrådet (Red.) (2016). Resultatdialog 2016. Stockholm: Vetenskapsrådet., s 28-35.

Carlhed, C. (2008). Pionjärer, avfällingar och kättare. [Pioneers, Renegades and Heretics]. I Petersen, K-A. & Høyen, M. (Red.). At sætte spor på en vandring fra Aquinas til Bourdieu – æresbog til Staf Callewaert. Hexis forlag, s 257-272.


Carlhed, C. (2015). Vid den normala studietaktens utkanter. Analyser av studieavbrott på lärarutbildningar vid Uppsala universitet. Rapporter från Forskningsgruppen för utbildnings- och kultursociologi / SEC Research Reports, 54, (60 s).

Carlhed, C., Niklasson, L. & Karlsson Vestman, O. (in press). Utvärdering av Skolverkets organisation för att revidera kursplaner inom Grundskoleprojektet, SKOLA 2011. Mälardalens utvärderingsakademi, School of Education, Culture and Communication, Mälardalen university

Carlhed. C. (2009). Vart leder Kvalitetstrappan? Utvärdering av Pysslingens Kvalitetssystem. Studies in Social Sciences. Arbetsrapport 2009:3. Mälardalens högskola.

Juhlin Svensson, A., & Carlhed, C. (1999). Utvärdering av Pedagogisk utveckling med IT i Oxelösunds kommun. Ett av KK-stiftelsens Kommunbaserade Skolutvecklingsprojekt. Delrapport 3. Mälardalens Högskola, Institutionen för Samhälls- och Beteendevetenskap.

Juhlin Svensson, A., & Carlhed, C. (1999). Utvärdering av Sala – ett högteknologiskt Sörgården. Ett av KK-stiftelsens Kommunbaserade Skolutvecklingsprojekt. Slutrapport. Mälardalens Högskola, Institutionen för Samhälls- och Beteendevetenskap.

Öhlund, U. & Carlhed, C. (1998). På väg. Erfarenheter av Vårdhögskoleutbildning i samverkan landsting/stat. Högskoleverkets skriftserie 1998:6 R. ISBN 91-7188-455-6. Stockholm: Landstingsförbundet, Högskoleverket

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Juhlin-Svensson, A-C.; Carlhed, C. (1997). Utvärdering av Pedagogisk utveckling med IT i Oxelösunds kommun. Ett av KK-stiftelsens Kommunbaserade Skolutvecklingsprojekt. Delrapport 2. Västerås: Mälardalens högskola


Osman, A., Carlhed, C & Månsson, N. (2017). Following the Footprints of Resilient Students: Challenges in Mapping Social Networks of Students in Upper Secondary School, “Transitions, career learning and career management skills. Multi-disciplinary and critical perspectives”, October 19-20, 2017, Stockholm University

Carlhed, C. (2016). Resistances to scientific knowledge production of comparative measurements of dropout and completion in European Higher Education. Paper presented at ECER conference: ”Leading Education: The Distinct Contributions of Educational Research and Researchers”, University College Dublin 22-26 August, 2016

Carlhed, C. (2016). Familjebakgrund avgör strategi för högre studier. Det sociala rummet av utbildningsstrategier. Vetenskapsrådets konferens Resultatdialog 2016, 21-22 nov, 2016, Örebro Universitet.

Carlhed, C. (2015). Pursuers, Dropouts and Transfers – Educational strategies within the Teacher Programmes. Presented at ECER – European Educational Research Conference 2015 ”Education and Transition. Contributions from Educational Research”, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary, September 7th-11th 2015

Carlhed, C. (2014), Dropouts and pursuers from the teacher programs – a local study. Presented at the conference Nordic Fields of Higher Education, Wednesday 8th to Thursday 9th 2014, NIFU, Nordisk institutt for studier av innovasjon, forskning og utdanning, Oslo, Norway.

Carlhed, C. (2014). Studiemönster och avhopp inom högskolan. Sju yrkesprogram i fokus. Presented at the conference INCLUDE: Utbildning för alla? Uppsala May 8-9th 2014

Carlhed, C. (2013), Exploring pathways in university education – study patterns among students in undergraduate programs with professional qualifications. Presented at the conference Gender and Education. Compelling Diversities, Educational Intersections: Policy, Practice, Parity, Tuesday 23 to Friday 26 April 2013, The Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research at London South Bank University

Carlhed, C. (2012). The rise of the professional field of Health and its hegemony – doctors, nurses and biomedical analysts in Sweden. Paper presented at the conference Professioner – Gamle autoriteter og ny legitimitet Det nordiske netværk i professionsforskning, NORPRO, 25-26 oktober 2012, VIA University College, Aarhus, Denmark.

Carlhed, C. (2012). Social processes in the rise of the hegemonic medicine in Sweden – hinges and avatars in question. Paper presented at the conference Scientific Knowledge and Systems of Professions IUC, 7th – 11th May 2012, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Carlhed, C. (2011). Graveled Expectations or Successful Reorientations? Switchers and Dropouts in Higher Education in Sweden 1977-2007. 9th Annual Conference Hawaii International Conference on Education, January 4-7, 2011, Honolulu.

Niklasson, L. & Carlhed, C. (2011). In search for transparency and participation – organization for reform of national course syllabi in compulsory school. 9th Annual Conference Hawaii International Conference on Education, January 4-7, 2011, Honolulu.

Carlhed,C. (2011). Professioner i sociala fält – att använda fältbegreppet i professionsforskning. Paper presenterad på konferensen Kunskap, profession och expertis, Svenska nätverket för professionsforskning, 28-29 sep 2011, Växjö.

Engström, S. & Carlhed, C. (2010). Distinction in physics teaching. Change or status quo? International conference ”Thirty Years After ”Distinction”, November 4, 2010 – November 6, 2010, Institut national d’histoire de l’art INHA, Paris

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Axelsson, AS & Carlhed, C. (2009). Next Generation e-Researchers: Doctoral Students in Social Sciences and Humanities in Sweden and their Attitudes towards Open Access, Open Repositories and e-Research. Paper presented at The National Centre for e-Social Science (NCeSS) The 5th International Conference on e-Social Science, Maternushaus in Cologne on 24th – 26th June 2009

Börjesson, M., Gustavsson, M., Carlhed, C., Bertilsson, E. & Broady, D. (2008). Examenstitlar och yrkestitlar. Förhållande mellan arbetsmarknad och utbildningssystem 1960-2010. Exemplen vård, utbildning, teknik och naturvetenskap samt konst. Sessionen 1900-talets utbildningsexplosion Presentation vid Svenska Historikermötet i Lund 24-26 april 2008

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Carlhed, C. (2008). I skuggan av medicinen. Föreläsning vid tvådagarsseminarium ”Bourdieu-seminar” 17-18 april 2008, Høgskolen i Harstad, Institutt for helse- och sosialfag, Norge

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Carlhed, C. (2005). Habilitation practices in Sweden. Presentation at conference held by the Interuniversity research collaboration University of Pretoria, South Africa.

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Björck-Åkesson, E. & Carlhed, C.& Granlund, M. (1998). The impact of early intervention on the family system – perspectives on process and outcome. IX Reunión Interdisciplinar sobre Poblaciones de Alto Riesgo de Deficiencias.

Poster Presentations and Workshop Presentations

Engström, S., Gustafsson, P. Niedderer, H. & Carlhed, C. (2009). Content Objectives and Intentions with Teaching – Physics teachers and Sustainable Energy Education in Secondary School. Interactive Poster Presentations at European Science Education Research Association ESERA 2009, Istanbul, Turkey, August 31st – September 4th 2009

Carlhed, C. (2008). Vad kan ”vi” egentligen lära av varandra? Om strukturella hinder för samarbete och samverkan över organisations- och professionsgränser. Presentation av egen forskning vid Forskningsplattformen, Högskolan i Kristianstad, 16 maj, 2008.

Carlhed, C. (2006). Genesis and Structure of the Habilitation field. Presentation vid workshop. Viborg, 14-16 juni, 2006 anordnat av VIBORG Ph.d.-network, Sygeplejeuddannelsen i Viborg Amt och Viborg-Seminariet, Danmark.

Carlhed, C. (2005). Assessing vaildity in measuring family-oriented services. Posterpresentation vid konferensen Morgondagens vård och omsorgsforskning, Advanced Health Sciences of tomorrow. Huddinge universitetssjukhus.

Carlhed, C. (2005). Habilitation practices in a sociological perspective. Posterpresentation, den 23 maj, 2005. Institutet för handikappvetenskap, Linköping

Carlhed, C. (2005). Habilitation practices in a sociological perspective. Posterpresentation vid konferensen Morgondagens vård och omsorgsforskning, Advanced Health Sciences of tomorrow. Västerås 9-10 Nov 2005


Current research projects

Following footprints of resilient youth: successful educational trajectories and transition into higher education

The research project aims to examine the mechanisms and factors that contributed the academic success of students from households with low or no educational experience, or parents with low or no income (on welfare). In this study we will focus on how these students attained academic disposition that allowed to them to embark on a successful academic trajectory. In collecting the data we will elaborate with different qualitative data collection techniques to capture the complex interplays between resources, strategies these students activated to embark on the successful academic career. The project is funded by Swedish Research Council 2017-2021.

The research team

Associate professor, Director: Ali Osman, Stockholm University, email:
Associate professor, Carina Carlhed, Stockholm University, email:
Professor Niclas Månsson, Mälardalen University, email:

Graveled expectations or successful reorientations? Switchers and dropouts in higher education 1977-2007

Funded by the Swedish Research Council. VR UVK Duration 2010-2013. Directed by Carina Carlhed.

The aim of the project is to study patterns in higher education in Sweden with special attention to students who dropout or switch to another program/discipline. Different types and frequencies of dropouts and switches during 1977-2007 are studied using data from retrievals from national register data (microdata). Special attention is towards the programs in Architecture, Engineering, Nursing, Law, Social work, Medicine and Clinical Psychology. The theoretical framework is mainly Pierre Bourdieu´s work on social reproduction and geometric data analysis is used as a main method. Factors as socioeconomic, residential, gender and ethnicity, living conditions, grades, family educational traditions will be related to the types of dropouts/switches and different programs. See

Carriers of Knowledge Society. The Emergence and Contemporary Significance of Professions in Sweden. 

Directed by Thomas Brante, Lund University, funded by the Swedish Research Council, VR HS, 2011-2013

The main objective of the study is to provide a comprehensive view of the historical emergence of the professional stratum and in detail explore its current conditions, dynamics and functions, and its varying relations to society at large. A second objective is to use the empirical material for contributing to the theoretical development of studies of professions, esp. by proposing an alternative definition of the concept and phenomenon of profession. See​

Study loans, wage and wealth within higher education. Social groups and their study financing, 1998-2006

Funded by the Swedish Research Council 2012-2014. Directed by Martin Gustavsson, Stockholm School of Economics, SCORE. See project


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