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Jan Conrad


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Works at Department of Physics
Telephone 08-553 787 69
Visiting address Roslagstullsbacken 21 A, plan 5
Room C4:3057
Postal address Fysikum 106 91 Stockholm


I teach a few different courses. This term:

FK8006 Statitstical Methods in Physics

I am also responsible for "Forskargrenen"



My group  and I work mainly on astrophysical searches for particle dark matter, with gamma-ray telescopes on satellites (like the Fermi Large Area Telescope) and on ground (like H.E.S.S.) or in deep underground experiments (XENON). More details and links can be found on the group page - see to the right.

Statistical issues pertinent to dark matter searches are particularly close to my heart, which is why I like to collaborate with statististicans. From 2015-2018m I was a guest professor in the mathematics department since 2015. 

I have been  working with the AMANDA/IceCube neutrino telescope (1999-2003),  at CERN with the ALICE detector (2004-2005) and for a shorter period with the PAMELA (2006/07) cosmic-ray experiment.

My group, called DMAP, consists currently of one senior scientist: Alfredo Ferella; four post-docs: Derek Barge (who is Wennergren-Fellow) Boris Bauermeister, Jörn Mahlstedt, Matt Lawson; and five PhD students: Cristian Antochi, Jakob Calvén, Andrea Chiappo, Knut Morå, Bart Pelssers 


Recent pubications of my group (selected, i.e. at least with direct and significant contribution):


  1. E. Aprile et al [XENON]
    Light Dark Matter Search with Ionization Signals in XENON1T
  2. G. Centers, J. Blanchard, J. Conrad, A. Garcon, A. V. Gramolin , D. F. Kimball, M. Lawson , B. Pelssers, J. A. Smiga, Y. Stadnik, A. Shushkov A. Wickenbrock, D. Budker, and A. Derevianko
    Stochastic amplitude fluctuations of bosonic dark matter and revised constraints on linear couplings
  3. E. Aprile et al [XENON]
    XENON1T Dark Matter Data Analysis: Signal \& Background Models, and Statistical Inference
  4. E. Aprile et al [XENON]                                                                       
    First results on the scalar WIMP-pion coupling, using the XENON1T experiment                                                                                    
  5. U. Simola, B. Pelssers, D. Barge, J. Conrad, J. Corander
    Machine Learning Accelerated Likelihood-Free Event Reconstruction in Dark Matter Direct Detection
  6. A. Chiappo, J. Cohen-Tanugi, J. Conrad, L. E. Strigari
    Dwarf spheroidal J-factors without priors: approximate likelihoods for generalised NFW profiles
  7. M.G. Betti et al [PTOMELY] 
    A Design for an Electromagnetic Filter for Precision Energy Measurements at the Tritium Endpoint
  8. K. Dundas Morå                                                                                      Harmonizing discovery thresholds and reporting two-sided confidence intervals: a modified Feldman & Cousins method
  9. D. Ferenc, .. A. Ferella et al                                                                        ABALONE Photosensors for the IceCube Experiment
  10. M. Geilhufe, B. Oolsthorn, A. Ferella, T. Koski, F. Kahlhoefer, J. Conrad, A. Balatsky
    Materials Informatics for Dark Matter Detection
    Physica Status Solidi RRL 2018, 1800293 
  11. E. Aprile et al [XENON]
    Dark Matter Search Results from a One Ton-Year Exposure of XENON1T 
    Phys.Rev.Lett. 121 (2018) no.11, 111302 
  12. R. Catena, J. Conrad, M. B. Krauss
    Compatibility of a dark matter discovery at XENONnT or LZ with the WIMP thermal production mechanism 
    Phys.Rev. D97 (2018) no.10, 103002

Last updated: April 22, 2020

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