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Frida BenderAssociate professor

About me

I work as associate professor at the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University. I am interested in the large-scale effects of clouds and aerosols - their representation in climate models, their impact on the radiation budget and their influence on, and interaction with climate. A better understanding of the role of clouds and aerosols in the climate system is crucial for further constraint of climate sensitivity and improved projections of future climate.


I am also

-member of the Young Academy of Sweden (SUA)

-affiliated with the Institute for Future Studies (IFFS)


Currenlty visting faculty at the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington.


Research interests

  • Aerosol-cloud-climate interactions: how do small-scale aerosol-cloud interaction processes play out on large scale; how can we make observations of these relations and effects; and how can we represent them in models?
  • Albedo: how can planetary albedo and cloud albedo be estimated; what are their determining factors; how do they vary over time?
  • Cloud feedback: how can natural variability, and relations like the inter-hemispheric albedo symmetry be used to understand cloud feedback, and climate sensitivity?
  • Aerosol forcing: how can the present day aerosol distribution, and its difference from the pre-industrial state, be characterised, and what are the effects on radiative forcing?
  • Values in Science: how do values enter in the scientific process; how do we deal with them; how do they influence the way uncertainty is estimated, presented, and communicated within climate science?




Undergraduate courses

Lecturer for university-wide, web-based Climate Change Solutions, 2019-2022

Lecturer for Climate and general circulation, 2019-2023

Lecturer for web-based Meteorology and climate for teachers-to-be, 2017-2022

Lecturer for Dynamic Meteorology I, 2012-2014, 2017-2018, 2022; Atmospheric chemistry and its impact on climate, 2011

Teaching-assistant for Atmospheric chemistry and its impact on climate, Atmospheric radiation, Earth's climate and climate change, 2005-2008

Undergraduate student supervision

Anna Staffansdotter, MSc (2023); Katrín Agla Tómasdottír, MSc (2023); Hao Zhang, MSc (2022); Tobias Larsson, BSc (2021); Onni Mikkola, BSc (2021); Johanna Svensson, BSc (2020); Aiden Jönsson, MSc (2018); Greta De Ridder, BSc (2018); Joakim Borgemo & Richard Roth, MSE (2017); Malin Boman, BSc (2017); Caroline Karlsson, BSc (2014); Lisa Nyberg, BSc (2014); Sara Berglund, BSc (2013); Jennie Hurkmans, BSc (2013); Rickard Lindqvist, BSc (2012); Sophia Nilsson, MSc (2006)

Graduate students

Hao Ding 2022-present (with main supervisor Annica Ekman, and assistant supervisor Ilona Riipinen)

Aiden Jönsson 2019-present (with assistant supervisor Thorsten Mauritsen)

Alejandro Uribe Cortes PhD 2023 (with main supervisor Thorsten Mauritsen)

Alejandro Baró Pérez PhD 2023 (with main supervisor Annica Ekman, and assistant supervisor Abhay Devasthale)

Friederike Höpner PhD 2019 (with assistant supervisor Annica Ekman)

Lena Frey PhD 2019 (with assistant supervisor Gunilla Svensson)

Wing Leung licenciate 2015 (with main supervisor Annica Ekman)








Peer-reviewed publications

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