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Johanna Adolfsson

About me

Human geographer.

In my dissertation work A new storm over the Naqab: the temporality of space in Israeli settler colonialism (2023) I investigated contemporary settler colonialism and how the Zionist settler project advances in southern Israel through Jewish settlements but also through the regulation of animal husbandry. Animal husbandry, in turn, is intimately connected to the forest planting that has been part of the creation of the state of Israel. I mainly work with qualitative methods, but I am also interested in satellite image analysis and qualitative social science research.

Academic publications

Adolfsson, J. (2023) A new storm over the Naqab: the temporality of space in Israeli settler colonialism. Doctoral dissertation. Stockholm University.

Adolfsson, J. (under revisions) Has the forest lost its crown? Nature in the settler state.

Adolfsson, J. (under revisions) Settler suburbia in the Negev/Naqab: the Start-Up pioneer in the desert.

Adolfsson, J. (under revisions) Grazing the Naqab: the role of transhumance in a contested space.


Other publications

Adolfsson, J. (2022) Israels södra front: om skog och gräsmattor. OEI Geografier (March 2022)

Adolfsson, J. (2021) Imaginär geometri. Del av utställningen Imaginär geometri på Haninge konsthall juni till september 2021.

Adolfsson, J. (2020) Föralinjen som gräns mellan att se och förstå. Del av utställningen Fältarbeten på Kalmar Konstmuseum, september till november 2020.


Editorial assignments

Editorial assitent, Rural Landscapes: Environment, Society and Space (2018 - )

Hjärnstorm nr. 150, Alkemi. Gästredaktör. (2023)

Geografier nr 1-4, Resa, Havet, Landskap, Kartan (2015-2017)





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