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Jörgen Skågeby

Associate professor

Visa sidan på svenska
Works at Department of Media Studies
Telephone 08-16 26 82
Visiting address Karlavägen 104 plan 4-5
Room A5 577
Postal address Institutionen för mediestudier 115 93 Stockholm

About me

Skågeby is an associate professor (docent) at the Department of Media Studies, Stockholm University. His research concerns the structures, algorithms, behaviours, and designs of (combinations of) natural, cultural and artificial systems, which store, process, access, and communicate information. General theoretical and practical frameworks of interest include humanistic HCI, media archaeology, and design fiction. He also retains a keen interest in the social, cultural and technical processes that surrounds sharing as a media logic. Skågeby’s work is regularly published in renowned international journals, recently including for example Popular Communication, Convergence and Journal of Information Technology.


Media archaeology; interaction criticism; posthumanism; design fiction; cultural/computational attunement; media temporalities, media sharing.

Selected publications

Skågeby, J. (2016) Media Futures: Premediation and the Politics of Performative Prototypes. First Monday 21(2). [link]

Skågeby, J. (2015) The media archaeology of file sharing: broadcasting computer code to Swedish homes. Popular Communication – The International Journal of Media and Culture, 13(1): 62-73.

Skågeby, J. (2015) Interpreting online discussions: connecting artefacts and experiences in user studies. The Qualitative Report, 20(1): 115-129. [link]

Skågeby, J. (2015) The changing shape of sharing: digital materiality and moral economies. Discover Society – Measured, Factual, Critical. [link]

Skågeby, J. & Rahm, L. (2014) Making change: produsing hybrid learning products. Hybrid Pedagogy – a digital journal of learning, teaching and technology. [link]

Skågeby, J. (2013) The performative gift: a feminist materialist conceptual model. communication +1, 2(1) (Special issue on Communication and New Materialism). [link]

Skågeby, J. (2011) Slow and fast music media: comparing values of cassettes and playlists. Transformations Journal of Media and Culture, 20 [link]

Skågeby, J. (2010) Gift-giving as a conceptual framework: framing sociotechnical behaviour in online networks. Journal of Information Technology 25(2): 170-177.

Skågeby, J. (2009) Exploring qualitative sharing practices of social metadata: expanding the attention economy. The Information Society 25(1): 60-72.

Skågeby, J. (2008) Semi-public end-user content contributions: a case study of concerns and intentions in online photo-sharing. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 66(4): 287-300.

Last updated: March 22, 2018

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