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Linda Soneryd

About me

Linda Soneryd is professor of sociology (University of Gothenburg). She works as researcher and lecturer at Score (Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research) at Stockholm University and Örebro University. Her research is about governance, public participation and democracy in issues related to the environment, science and technology.

Soneryd finished her PhD 2002 at Örebro University. Thereafter she was active as researcher and research director at Score, and associate professor (docent) at Stockholm University. Between 2011 and 2022 she worked at the University of Gothenburg, where she also was promoted as professor. Soneryd has teached at the sociology department, Bielefeld University, and at Science and Technology Studies, University of Vienna. She has been guest researcher at Lancaster University, London School of Economics and Political Sciences, Humboldt University and the Technical University in Berlin. Currently she works as a researcher in the project What does science deliver, and what does policy want, focusing on climate change policy and science relations in a post-Paris regulatory context. The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council, and led by Göran Sundqvist, University of Gothenburg. Soneryd is PI for Fossil Free Futures. Divestment across the Nordics (2022-2026, funded by the research program Nordic Challenges). The project focuses on initiatives to divest the pension funds from fossil fuels and includes research groups from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.