Magnus Nermo

Magnus Nermo

Professor of Sociology

Visa sidan på svenska
Works at Department of Sociology
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 B, plan 9
Room B 965
Postal address Sociologiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I am Professor of Sociology and an associated researcher at the Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University ( 


My research focus on stratification and segregation in Western societies by gender and social class.

See also Stockholm University Research database:



3 recent publications

(2019) “40 Years of Gender Inequality Among Men and Women in High-Prestige Occupations–Does the Story Differ Among the Young?” in T.L. Adams and M. Choroszewicz (Eds.) Gender, age and Inequality in the Professions, Routledge Studies on Gender and Organizations, Abingdon: Routledge (with C. Magnusson)

(2018) “Vem rekryteras till eliten? Betydelsen av familjeband och kompetens i privat och offentlig sector”, In Eriksson, B. E., M. Holmqvist & L. Sohl (eds) Eliter i Sverige: Tvärvetenskapliga perspektiv på makt, status och klass. Lund: Studentlitteratur (with E. Bihagen and C. Stern)

(2018) ”From childhood to young adulthood: the importance of self-esteem during childhood for occupational achievements among young men and women”, Journal of Youth Studies, 21(10): 1392-1410 (with C. Magnusson)




Last updated: August 3, 2020

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