Malin Gunnarsson

PhD Student

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Works at Department of Public Health Sciences
Telephone 08-674 75 37
Visiting address Sveavägen 160, Sveaplan
Room A 564
Postal address Institutionen för folkhälsovetenskap 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Malin Gunnarsson is a PhD student at the Department of Public Health Sciences (formerly CHESS and SORAD) since 2019. Master's degree in cultural anthropology 2017.



Many faces of addiction: an empirical study on the process of living with and recovering from addiction.

In existing theories, dependence is often reduced to one dominating factor, such as genes, physical dependence, a psychological disorder, will power, family problems or social deprivation. By examining these factors individually, research risks missing important factors and forces that contributing to addiction.  In this project, we use qualitative methods to collected autobiographical data from people with various forms of addiction with an aim to investigate various factors that contribute and sustain addiction, as well as various factors that help the individual to recover from addiction. The researcher  is part of the larger project ""Addiction" as a changing pattern of relations: Comparing autobiographical narratives about various dependencies" funded by the Swedish Research Council and led by Professor Jukka Törrönen.

Research interests

Addiction, alcohol, drugs, gambling and medical anthropology

Last updated: November 12, 2019

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