Stockholm university

Martin Önnerfors

About me

I am a postdoctoral researcher at SUDA and also at IBF (The Institute for Housing and Urban Research, Uppsala University). My research interests mainly concern urban demography, public investments and residential segregation. I am currently involved in two main projects:

– Cities and Socio-Economic Segregation over the Long Run, 1880–2017. This is a VR project wherein we analyse changes to urban socio-economic segregation over the 1880–2017 period in a range of Swedish cities. Specifically, we investigate how changes in segregation can be linked to shifts in transportation technology and urban planning.

– City of My Dreams. This is a Riksbanken project where analyse a range of demographic outcomes in Stockholm during the years 1878-1926, making use of a unique individual-level population register (the Roteman archives). We study how neighborhoods in the city shaped the economic and social outcomes of children and in-migrants, and also how policy interventions might shape neighborhoods and individual outcomes.