Matthew Hayes

Matthew Hayes


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Works at Department of Astronomy
Telephone 08-553 785 21
Visiting address Roslagstullsbacken 21, C 6 & D 6
Room C6:3013
Postal address Institutionen för astronomi 10691 Stockholm

About me

I am universitetslektor (=senior lecturer, Brit; =associate professor, US) in Astrophysics at Stockholm University, Department of Astronomy. I am also a Wallenberg Academy Fellow, appointed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Here is my researcher page at SU.

My personal webpages are hosted on a private server. This information is more detailed, but comes with a higher risk of being outdated.




Currently I teach Observational Techniques in Astrophysics II (AS7004) for 7.5 HP on the MSc programme. This course is great: we have a unique opportunity to execute our own observations with the 20 metre radio telescope at Onsala Space Observatory, and optical observations with the Nordic Optical Telescope.

I used to teach Galaxies (AS7007) for 7.5 HP on the MSc programme.


Research Activities

My research is focused on the origin and evolution of galaxies, where I am concerned with how galaxies are assembled in the early universe and evolve to become the population of galaxies we see at the present day. Specifically I am interested in how gas is converted into stars, how galaxies and their dark matter halos are fed with this gas, and how feedback interacts with the interstellar medium to regulate star formation, and eject gas and metals.

The approach is mostly observational. In the distant universe we mainly observe with the Very Large Telescopes run by the European Southern Observatory. More nearby our group is concerned with observations of starburst galaxies – selected to be similar to galaxies found at redshift beyond 2, where we lead one of the largest European projects with the Hubble Space Telescope. This study – the Lyman alpha Reference Sample – is then supported by observations with over 20 more telescopes on the ground and in space, covering wavelengths between the radio and X-ray.


Publications and Profiles

Publications on Google Scholar

ORCiD : 0000-0001-8587-218X

ResearcherID : D-6692-2014


Press Releases

Here are some press and outreach materials associated with the projects:

This research is supported by Stockholm University, the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish National Space Board, and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.


Last updated: April 17, 2018

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