Olle Festuca

Olle Lindestad


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Works at Department of Zoology
Telephone 08-16 15 60
Visiting address Svante Arrheniusväg 18 B
Room D522
Postal address Zoologiska institutionen: Ekologi 106 91 Stockholm


I teach mainly ecology and statistics courses. Course organizer for the ecology orientation course in 2017.


I study insect life cycles and how they track geographic variation in climate. Within a single insect species there is often considerable variation in life cycles. For example, in areas with a longer warm season, populations of the same insect may produce two generations per year instead of one. How much of this variation is genetic - a result of ongoing natural selection - and how much is simply an effect of the environment? What are the evolutionary and ecological consequences of this kind of life cycle variation?

To get at these questions I conduct rearing experiments, where life cycle traits like development and hibernation, and sensitivity to seasonal variation (temperature; daylength) are tested in different populations. I also conduct genetic analyses, to examine how genetic variation correlates with life cycle variation. My study species of choice is the speckled wood butterfly, Pararge aegeria.


Last updated: October 10, 2019

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