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Sara Pärsson


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Works at Department of Culture and Aesthetics
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About me

PhD student since 2017.


In my thesis project I study depictions of setting up home in a selection of swedish 20th century novels (by female authors, Selma Lagerlöf, Elin Wägner among others). The analysis is focused on how homes are depicted and discussed, what is necessary for the house to become a home, and what is asked of the inhabitants. This relates to contexts as swedish 20thcentury ideas and history, and questions of gender, class, sexuality and temporality.

A wide range of aspects of dwelling and the domestic sphere are considered – how the narrative space is organised, presented and lived in; how different homes and domestic tasks are valued within the fictive world; what is presented as the ideal home and how that relates to the historic context; and how that is negotiated by the characters in the novels. 

Research interests

domesticity, home, house, 20th century Sweden, spatial theory, architecture, literary geography, spatial reading, domestic sphere, everyday life


A selection from Stockholm University publication database
  • 2020. Sara Pärsson. Tidskrift för litteraturvetenskap 50 (2-3), 87-96

    This article explores how homes and ideas about a woman’s place are depicted in the Elin Wägner novel Pennskaftet (1910). In the novel social and spatial roles of women are depicted and discussed as full of political and existential meaning. Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology (2006) provides concepts for the analysis. The concepts orientation, the straight line, and Ahmed´s thoughts on the process of inhabiting are used to explore how the New Women of the novel choose to live and what values they ascribe to the home. Throughout the novel there is a longing for a home of one’s own. By focusing on the wishes and needs of women the novel states that the home is a woman’s place: a place to rest, think, write, grief – maybe even be a place of marital bliss.

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