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About me

I am a Lecturer in public international law at Stockholm University’s Faculty of Law. My research focuses on the relationship between international human rights, international humanitarian and international criminal law. My doctoral research examined the right to freedom of expression in armed conflict. I also conduct research on the law applicable to military operations, gender and armed conflict, and international criminal law and procedure.

Before starting my doctoral studies, I was a lecturer and researcher at the Centre for International and Operational Law at the Swedish Defence University (SEDU), where I was responsible for legal training in courses commissioned by the Swedish Armed Forces for senior military personnel. I also conducted research in the law applicable in military operations on behalf of the SEDU and as requested by Swedish Ministry of Defence in international humanitarian law, international criminal law, human rights, gender and international law applicable in military operations, refugee law and comparative domestic law, amongst others. I was also a member of the Swedish Red Cross Working Group on gender and international humanitarian law.

I was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2010, and hold an LLM in international human rights law from the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Lund University, Sweden, and an LLB in European, comparative and international law from the University of Sheffield, UK. I have worked as a legal consultant with a number of international and intergovernmental organisations on a broad range of issues, including transitional justice mechanisms, international human rights procedure, and EU law, and have acted as legal assistant for teams before international tribunals. I am a senior fellow of Stockholm's Center for International Law and Justice (SCILJ), and the Swedish branch of the International Law Association.


Teaching at Stockholm University

  • Lecturer on international humanitarian law for ‘Human Rights in Global Perspective’ course;
  • Lecturer on the British legal system for legal systems and methods course;
  • Lecturer on advanced course on international criminal law.


Teaching at the Swedish Defence University

  • Course coordinator and main lecturer of human rights law module in international law in crisis and conflict programme.


Previous teaching

  • Stockholm University, lecturer on drafting in legal English for the public international law module (2012-2016) and lecturer on the use of force for the public international law module (2016);
  • Swedish Defence University, course coordinator and main lecturer for legal training in Higher Military Staff Course and Staff Course, lecturer for legal training in Officers Programme, lecturer on the international law in crisis and conflict programme, and lecturer on the International Crisis Management course (2013-2016).



Publications include:

  • Case commentary: The role of judges in the ICTY 2009-2011, forthcoming publication in the Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals Volume LIV;
  • Commentary on Articles 8(2)(a)(i)-(iv), 8(2)(b)(xi) and 8(2)(c)(i)-(iv) of the Rome Statute, in the online Commentary on the Law of the International Criminal Court (Mark Klamberg, editor);
  • The law of occupation and gender – chapter in the Swedish Red Cross and Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs publication “IHL and Gender – Swedish Experiences”, presented at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Committee’s meeting in December 2015 and the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016;
  • Gender training and the military: the legal and policy framework, co-author of chapter in DCAF and PfPC publication, “Teaching Gender in the Military” 2016, presented at NATO:s Committee on Gender Perspectives annual conference in 2016;
  • Case commentary: Disclosure decisions before the International Criminal Court in 2010 –publication in the Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals Volume LII;
  • Gender and Countering Violence & Extremism: Taking Scope before a new era for the women, peace and security agenda, co-author, published in the US Naval War College Monograph 2016 WPS conference;
  • Sentencing in the International Criminal Court – chapter in “Defence in International Trials”, Dr Mayeul Hiéramente and Dr Patricia Schneider (eds.), NOMOS: Germany, 2016;
  • Case commentary: Admissibility challenges before the International Criminal Court in the Kony and Katanga cases, in the Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals Volume XLI: the International Criminal Court 2009, André Klip and Steven Freeland eds. (Intersetia: 2014), pages 201-212;
  • The Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry: As one season ends, does another begin? Co-author, Yearbook on Islamic and Middle East Law Volume 16, 2010-2011, pages 91-111;
  • Report on the security situation and adherence to human rights standards in the Kingdom of Bahrain in terror suspect cases, co-author, February 2011, Bar Human Rights Committee;
  • Obligations of non-State armed actors in internal armed conflict, August 2008, Master Thesis, Lund University;
  • Responsibility to Protect: Political Ambition to Legal Obligation, June 2008, InterAction Council.

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