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Works at Department of Culture and Aesthetics
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Tiina Rosenberg is Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at Stockholm University. She is the former rector of the University of the Arts Helsinki and has previously been a professor of Gender Studies at Stockholm University and at Lund University. Rosenberg has written extensively on performing arts, feminism, and queer theory. She is the author of Byxbegär (Desiring Pants, 2000), Queerfeministisk agenda (Queer Feminist Agenda, 2002), Besvärliga människor: Teatersamtal med Suzanne Osten (Difficult People: Theatre Talks with Suzanne Osten, 2004), L–ordet. Vart tog alla lesbiska vägen? (The L-Word. Where Have All the Lesbians Gone? 2006) and Bögarnas Zarah: diva, ikon, kult (Queer Zarah: Diva, Icon, Cult, 2009). Rosenberg is the editor of Könet brinner. Judith Butlers texter i urval (Gender is Burning! Essays by Judith Butler, 2005) and Genus ogjort (Undoing gender, 2006). She is the co-author of Teater i Sverige (Theatre in Sweden, 2004), with Lena Hammergren, Karin Helander and Willmar Sauter.

In 2012 Rosenberg published Ilska, hopp och solidaritet. Med feministisk scenkonst in i framtiden (Anger, Hope, and Solidarity: Carrying Feminist Performance Art into the Future), a study of contemporary feminist performance in Sweden, and in 2014 a book in Finnish, Arvot mekin ansaitsemme: kansakunta, demokratia ja tasa-arvo (We Have the Values We Deserve: Nation, Democracy, and Equality) that deals with culture and democracy. Her book Don’t Be Quiet, Start a Riot. Essays on Feminism and Performance (2016) is available as Open Access at Rosenberg's latest books are Mästerregissören. När Ludvig Josephson tog Europa till Sverige (The Master Director. When Ludvig Josephson Brought Europe to Sweden, 2017) and HBTQ spelar roll – mellan garderob och kanon (LGBTQ Plays a Role – Between the Closet and the Canon, 2018). Rosenberg is a member of the Feminist Theatre Working Group at the International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR) and a member of the Executive Committee of the European Association for the Study of Theater and Performance.





Ongoing research: Queer Lives in the Performing Arts

The planned project’s objective is to write a history of modern lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer (LGBTQ) performing arts in Sweden. It will critically analyze productions that narrate and stage same-sex sexuality and queer genders ranging from closet dramas that once alluded to same-sex sexualities and non-normative genders in a coded way, to the contemporary stage, with its rich offerings in the queer performing arts. By interviewing a range of choreographers, composers, directors, dancers, performers, playwrights, and singers in combination with archival studies, the project will cover several generations and examine a part of Scandinavian performing arts history that is yet unwritten and untold.

    The project examines the growing openness and wider cultural representation that has characterized LGBTQ issues over the last three decades. Queer studies have become an established part of the curriculum at Swedish universities. However, unlike the situation in many English-speaking countries, in Sweden the academy does not have a tradition of empirically driven LGBTQ studies. As a result of queer theory’s poststructuralist attempt to deconstruct heteronormativity and demonstrate the performativity of gender, the living history of queer culture and everyday experiences of LGBTQ people has yet to be explored, not the least in the performing arts.



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