Tanja Schult. Foto: Niklas Björling

Tanja Schult


Visa sidan på svenska
Works at Department of Culture and Aesthetics
Visiting address Frescativägen 26
Room C 402
Postal address Institutionen för kultur och estetik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Tanja Schult has studied Art History and Scandinavian Studies. She completed her PhD in 2007 at Humboldt University, Berlin.

Schult is the author of A Hero’s Many Faces. Raoul Wallenberg in Contemporary Monuments (Palgrave Macmillan 2009, as paperback in 2012), and the editor (together with Eva Kingsepp) of Hitler für alle. Populärkulturella perspektiv på Nazityskland, andra världskriget och Förintelsen (Carlsson Bokförlag 2012), and the editor (together with Diana Popescu) of Revisiting Holocaust Representation in the Post-Witness Era (Palgrave 2015). Please see Tanja Schult's profile at LinkedIn  for a list of her other publications.

From 2009-12 Schult was a researcher and teacher at Stockholm University (2009-2012), where her research project, The Holocaust in Swedish Art, was funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. From 2012-14 she has worked as a senior lecturer at the Hugo Valentin Centre at Uppsala University where she was responsible for the Master courses “The Holocaust in European History” and “the Holocaust in European Historiography”.

Since April 2015 Schult is back at Stockholm University, this time at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, where she teaches Art History and Visual Studies. Her current research project. Making the Past Present: Public Perceptions of Performative Holocaust Commemoration since the year 2000, is financed by Swedish Research Council.

Schult works also as an art consultant and curator.

See Tanja Schult's lecture on Youtube (35 minutes into the video) “Remembering Together: Polin’s Daffodil Campaign (AKCJA ŻONKILE)”, presented at the conference Museums and Their Publics at Sites of Conflicted History, held at the Museum of the History of the Polish Jews, 14 March 2017. 

For more information about the conference, please see

Reviews of Schults dissertation A Hero's Many Faces

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