Valentina Di Santo

Assistant Professor

Visa sidan på svenska
Works at Department of Zoology
Telephone 08-16 40 85
Visiting address Svante Arrheniusväg 18 B
Room D 512a
Postal address Zoologiska institutionen: Funktionell zoomorfologi 106 91 Stockholm

About me


My research focuses on elucidating the strategies employed by organisms to cope with variability and challenges in their environment. In recent years I have investigated the effects of rapid and long-term climate change stressors on the performance and resilience of marine fishes. In particular, my research aims to understand the synergistic effect of ocean warming, hypoxia, and acidification on development, growth, survival, aerobic performance and locomotion of fishes. I adopt an interdisciplinary approach that draws on field data, laboratory and rearing experiments. A fundamental aspect of my research is the analysis of biomechanical and physiological performance across the life history of organisms.  Analysis of performance across different timescales is a powerful approach to quantify physiological plasticity and evolution. 

My current research focuses on three main themes: 1) the role of local adaptation on morphology and physiological performance under changing environments, 2) morphological and physiological constraints to body size that affect activity in aquatic ectotherms, and 3) swimming performance and biomechanics of fishes, including schooling behavior. 

If you are interested in joining the lab, please take a look at the lab website and contact me! 


**I'm currently looking for a PhD student and a Postdoc Researcher to study schooling behavior starting Fall 2020! Please check the Lab page for more info**

Last updated: January 1, 2020

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