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Victoria FareldProfessor

About me

I am Professor in Intellectual history/History of Ideas. I am also Director of Graduate Studies at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics.

I have worked at Stockholm University since 2012, and received my PhD at the University of Gothenburg in 2007. I have been a Visiting Scholar at the Institut für Philosophie at Potsdam Universität, at Sophiapol Research Centre at Université Paris-X Nanterre and at New School for Social Research in New York City.



My current research focuses on history of philosophy, theory of history, historical time, memory and historical justice. 



Recent Publications 

2023. "Vulnerability, Violence and Nonviolence", Interpreting Violence: Narrative, Ethics and Hermeneutics (eds. Cassandra Falke, Victoria Fareld and Hanna Meretoja), New York: Routledge

2022. "Framing the Polychronic Present", Historical Understanding: Past, Present, and Future (eds. Zoltán Boldizsár Simon and Lars Deile), London: Bloomsbury, 25-34. 

2021. “Time”, The Routledge Companion to Historical Theory, (ed. Chiel van den Akker), London: Routledge, 558-572.

2021. “Entangled Memories of Violence. Jean Améry and Frantz Fanon”, Memory Studies, 14:1, 58-67.

2020. From Marx to Hegel and Back: Capitalism, Critique and Utopia, (eds. Victoria Fareld, Hannes Kuch), London: Bloomsbury.

2020. ”From Marx to Hegel and Back: Toward a Helical Approach”, From Marx to Hegel and Back: Capitalism, Critique and Utopia, (eds. Victoria Fareld, Hannes Kuch), London: Bloomsbury, 1-34.

2019. “Coming to Terms with the Present: Exploring the Chrononormativity of Historical Time”Rethinking Historical Time: New Approaches to Presentism, (eds. Marek Tamm, Laurent Olivier) London: Bloomsbury, 57-70.

2018. ”History, Justice and the Time of the Imprescriptible, Ethos of History: Time and Responsibility (eds. Stefan Helgesson, Jayne Svenungsson), New York: Berghahn Books.