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  • Sweden cancels agreement with Elsevier 2018-05-18 The Swedish research institutes has cancelled the agreement with large publisher Elsevier due to inability to find an agreement on a sustainable price model at the transition to open science.
  • Atmospheric research at the top 2018-05-18 A team of atmospheric scientists from the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES) is currently taking part in air measurements at the highest atmospheric research station in the world.
  • New dissertation: The World Bank and the IMF undermines labour rights 2018-05-17 The instrumentalist approach of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund tend to undermine the international labour standards on freedom of association and collective bargaining in the recipient states.
  • A new puzzle piece to control the aging and age-related diseases 2018-05-16 A basic discovery of how the cellular functions are connected to control aging is presented in the journal Cell Metabolism. The study shows that an increasingly deteriorating communication between the cells' organelles is an important cause of aging.
  • Find recommended research in Biology and Medicine – trial 2018-05-03 Until 25 June Stockholm University has a trial for F1000Prime from Faculty of 1000, with recommended research in Biology and Medicine.
  • Collapse of the Atlantic Ocean heat transport might lead to hot European summers 2018-04-24 Severe winters combined with heat waves and droughts during summer in Europe. Those were the consequences as the Atlantic Ocean heat transport nearly collapsed 12,000 years ago. The same situation might occur today.
  • Stina Ekblad. Photo: Knut Koivisto Nine Honorary Doctorates 2018 2018-04-24 Stockholm University has chosen this year’s honorary doctors, all of whom have contributed in distinctive ways to the University’s activities in research and education.
  • New publishing tools available 2018-04-17 To make writing and publishing of scientific texts in different formats easier, Stockholm University has licensed two publishing tools: APA Style Central and Overleaf.
  • Cleaner air has increased life expectancy by up to 1 year 2018-04-12 The residents of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö live one year longer today than 25 years ago. The reason is that the levels of air pollutants from road traffic have fallen.
  • New study on powering the green plant 2018-04-09 Researchers from Stockholm University and SciLifeLab have successfully determined the structure of chlororibosomes providing novel insights into plant protein synthesis and a new perspective on the evolution of translation. The study is published in Nature Plants.
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