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  • 100 years since the first student exchange with China 2018-11-06 A 100 years ago Stockholm University began its first international student exchanges with China. The exchange was part of the university’s increasing internationalisation at the time.
  • Mycoplasma bacterias sneaking past our line of defense 2018-11-05 New research reveals that Mycoplasma pathogens make DNA in a unique way that may protect them from our immune response. The study is published in the scientific journal Nature.
  • Åsa Wikforss. Foto: Christer Sturmark Programme on knowledge resistance awarded SEK 50.4 million 2018-10-23 Åsa Wikforss, professor of philosophy at the Department of Philosophy is awarded SEK 50.4 million for the programme “Knowledge Resistance: Causes, Consequences and Cures”.
  • "Unselfish people are the winners" – Kimmo Eriksson on unselfishness 2018-11-09 Kimmo Eriksson talks about a new study that shows that unselfish people tend both to have more children and to receive higher salaries.
  • Foto: Paul Bentzen Small-brained female guppies aren’t drawn to attractive males 2018-10-10 Female guppies with smaller brains can distinguish attractive males, but they don’t recognise them as being more appealing or choose to mate with them
  • EU funding to HERA-project 2018-10-05 The project ”Integrating Environment and Health Research: a Vision for the EU” (HERA), where Stockholm University is one of the partners, has been granted EU funding.
  • Hiranya Peiris, Photo: Serena Nobili/Oskar Klein Centre Five major research grants to Stockholm University 2018-10-05 The projects span research into the creation of mitochondrial ribosomes – which can give new tools against certain types of cancer – to studying and learning more about the fundamental physical nature of dark matter and dark energy.
  • Broad genetic variation on the Pontic-Caspian Steppe 2018-10-04 The genetic variation within the Scythian nomad group is so broad that it must be explained with the group assimilating people it came in contact with. This is shown in a new study on Bronze and Iron Age genetics of the Pontic-Caspian Steppe, situated in the Black Sea region.
  • Academic freedom in focus in the City Hall 2018-10-02 Stockholm University has held its annual inauguration and conferment ceremony in the City Hall. New professors were installed and new doctors were conferred. In addition, seven jubilee doctors and nine honorary doctorates were conferred.
  • Three researchers receive EU funding within MSCA 2018-09-26 Three researchers at Stockholm University are awarded funding within Marie Skłodowska Curie (MSCA), which is the EU Research Mobility Program. The projects are in the fields of biochemistry and biophysics, molecular life sciences and astronomy.
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