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Research at Stockholm University has high impact

The University's researchers are active in debate and social development and are among the most cited in the Nordic countries according to research organisation Nordforsk. The University's  researchers engage in government investigations, participate in the media, leave comments on draft laws and are included in participate in several Nobel committees and international expert bodies.

Research news

  • Switching on the Atlantic heat pump 2019-08-22 34 million years ago the warm ‘greenhouse climate’ of the dinosaur age ended and the colder ‘icehouse climate’ of today commenced. Antarctica glaciated first and geological data imply that the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, the global ocean conveyor belt of heat and nutrients that today helps keep Europe warm, also started at this time. Why exactly, has remained a mystery.
  • Subscription to RefWorks terminates at year end – save your references 2019-08-20 Stockholm University Library will end the subscription to the reference management program RefWorks December 31, 2019.
  • Contribution to research on Alzheimer’s disease 2019-08-20 Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of dementia in the elderly. The disease currently lacks both prevention measures and cure. In a research project that has been awarded a grant from Bright Focus Foundation (BFF) the researchers will find out if there is a link between the disease and a specific liver-generated profile in the blood.