Decision by the Vice-Chancellor on 25 February 2016, ref. no. SU FV-1.1.2-0592-16.
(Replaces previous decision by the Vice-Chancellor on 13 June 2002.)

Responsible unit: Human Resources Office


Stockholm University’s regulations concerning employees’ secondary employment

The new regulations (the complete decision is available under attached files below) contains the following:

  1. Definition of secondary employment at Stockholm University
  2. Secondary R&D employment
  3. Teachers’ obligations to report subject-related secondary employment
  4. General obligations to report secondary employment (teaching and non-teaching staff)
  5. Permissible secondary employment must be clearly separated from the employee’s work for the University
  6. Secondary employment that undermines confidence
  7. Secondary employment that impedes work
  8. Secondary employment that constitutes competition
  9. Business transactions
  10. Information from the employer about secondary employment
  11. Teachers’ right to receive notification regarding secondary employment
  12. Handling and decisions on matters relating to secondary employment
  13. More information

All employees should certify in Primula that they have read the regulations.

Employees should report secondary employment in the personnel system Primula from 1 April 2016. Teachers should do this continuously and on their own initiative. Other employees are only required to report secondary employment in Primula, if the employer requests it.

Detailed information on the regulation of secondary employment, as well as the University’s views on secondary employment, can be found in the document Information om anställdas bisysslor (only available in Swedish).