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Our evening courses are prepared with the lifelong learner in mind. A lifelong learner can be anyone, any age, male or female, student, working or not working.

If you want to learn more about an old interest, stimulate your mind or learn something new and interesting, one of our popular evening courses is the answer. Most of the courses also give you the opportunity to explore geological wonders around the world together with fellow lifelong learners during field trips.



course given in Swedish Course given in Swedish
distance course Distance course

Course list/Click on the course for more information
Fall course given in SwedishAge of the Earth – 7.5 credits
Fall distance coursecourse given in SwedishDinosaurs – their Evolution and Extinction (distance course) – 7.5 credits
Fall distance courseEarthquakes (distance course) – 7.5 credits
Fall course given in SwedishSpeciation and extinctions in time and space – 7.5 credits
Fall The Sea – 7.5 credits
Spring course given in SwedishDeserts – 15 credits
Spring course given in SwedishEarthquakes – 7.5 credits
Spring course given in SwedishDiscovery of the Elements – 7.5 credits
Spring course given in SwedishThe Evolution of life – 7.5 credits
Spring course given in SwedishThe Snowball Earth hypothesis – 7.5 credits (not given Spring term 2020)
Spring course given in SwedishVolcanoes of the world – 7.5 credits