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Master's Programme in Geological Sciences

  • 120 credits

The Master’s program in geological sciences is concerned with the processes that formed our planet, ranging from the effects of plate tectonics for mountain building and the formation of sedimentary basins to the drivers for volcanism and earthquakes. You will study processes that control Earth’ climate system at human timescales and those reaching back hundreds to millions of years. Our education program is based on our research areas biogeochemistry, marine geology and geophysics, and petrology and tectonics. In biogeochemistry we examine the distribution of the major elements and the processes that take place in air, water, sediments, and soils. In our marine geology line we concentrate our studies on the physical, chemical, and biological properties in sediments and sedimentary rocks, with the goal to determine the processes behind their formation and to reconstruct Earth’s environmental and climate evolution. Marine geophysical methods are a central subject in our research and used, e.g., for the digital mapping of the ocean seafloor. In the educational line petrology and tectonics, research and education focuses on large-scale metamorphic events, magmatism and tectonics, fluid fluid and chemical transport. Our courses also include topics of recent environmental change and the evolution of life throughout Earth’s history.

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