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Climate Change Throughout Earth's History

Over the 4.6 billion year history of the Earth our planet has shown itself to be a dynamic and ever changing place.

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The tectonic plates are in constant motion, ocean levels have been rising and falling, mountain chains lifting and eroding away and species have been coming into and out of existence. The Earth’s climate has also been changing, both driving and being driven by these planetary changes. Geologically speaking, we live in a "blink of an eye" of the Earth’s history. This course seeks to take an in-depth look at some of the climate shifts that have occurred throughout the Earth’s long history and how we study them. The content of this course will present to you cutting edge research as well as classic works. As it is a distance course you are free to proceed at your own pace and start when you like.

  • Course structure


    Knowledge assessment takes the form of written essay and two plotting exercises.

  • Course literature

    Note that the course literature can be changed up to two months before the start of the course.

    J. Imbrie and K. Palmer Imbrie, 1986
    Ice Ages: Solving the Mystery
    Harvard University Press
    ISBN: 9780674440753
    – required

    W.F. Ruddiman, 2017
    Earth's Climate: Past and Future
    W.H. Freeman, 3rd ed
    ISBN: 9781319154004
    – recommended, available as SU library e-bok

    All other course literature is drawn from scientific publications. As such it is necessary to have access to on-line journals.

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