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Field Study in Geoscience

The course begins with preparatory reading and exercises which are done at home and at your own pace during the summer. The course ends with a 7-day field study.

Geological formations on the shore of Lake Vättern
Geological formations on the shore of Lake Vättern. Photo by Alasdair Skelton

During the field study, we will learn how to use our geoscientific skills to unravel the climate of the past. We will be studying spectacular Neoproterozoic rocks and fossils on the shores of Lake Vättern and on Visingsö which are unique in Sweden. We will also explore how tectonic movements and glacial processes have shaped the spectacular landscape of this, one of the most picturesque parts of Sweden. Based on data collected during the field study, we will build a geological history of Lake Vättern from the Neoproterozoic to modern times.

Course period Summer 2022


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    Alasdair SkeltonProfessor of Geochemistry and petrology
    Alasdair Skelton
    +46 (0)76 770 76 99 | Room: R425