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Once you have been registered as a student at Stockholm University you can activate your University Account and recieve your student card. Your University Account provides you with a user name and password and these will give you log in access to a number of IT services at Stockholm University.

Activate your university account and get your university card

All students at Stockholm University are given access to a university account which includes various IT services, such as WiFi, data storage and IT security. If you are a confirmed user at, which means that you’ve made use of your PIN-code from,  you can activate your university account here. Use the same user name and password as you did at

You can activate your university account on the following link:

Mitt universitet (My university)
Login with your University Account to the common portal Mitt universitet. (At the moment there is no English translation of the features in “Mitt universitet”). When you are logged into “Mitt universitet” you can, for example, read your e-mail via the web interface, see the grades that you have been given in your studies, access files from common areas and compile a report of your achievements.

Wireless network
If you have a portable computer you can use your University Account to access the wireless network.

Use your University Account to log into mondo, a collaboration and learning environment. Within this environment you can, for example, communicate with teachers and fellow students, fetch and hand in homework exercises, find information concerning possible changes in schedules and find most of the required literature as electronic texts.

Library services
Use your University Account to log into the university’s main library. Via this service you can gain access to databases, e-journals, e-books and so on. An English version of the web site is available through the link “In English” at the top right hand corner of the home page.

Computer halls and printing facilities
Log into your University Account in any of the computer halls. Printers are also available in all of the computer halls.

Activate your University Account after registration by visiting Helpdesk in house A, ground floor (The same location as the Housing office). Remember to bring your id-card as well as your student number. By activating your account you will also receive your student card which functions as a library card at the University library and can be used for copying and printing in the university computer halls. The card is charged with 130 SEK (Which will last for approximately 250 free copys) and can easily be recharged with more money online.


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Our Students Affairs Office has no visiting and phone hours until further notice. Please contact us via email.

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