Borrowing – how to get started

In order to borrow and use the library's services as a student, employee or external user at Stockholm University you need a library account.

To  get started borrowing, you as a student or employee at Stockholm University Library need to create a library account. You do this by logging in with your university account under My library account on the library's website.

Create a library account for students and employees


Library account for external users

External users need a library account to borrow books or to use the library's other services.
To register as an external user at Stockholm University Library you need to be over 18 years of age, and to present a Swedish photo ID, or proof of enrollment at another Swedish University. After application, you activate your library account by showing identification in the library.

Apply for a library account


Library account for guests

If you do not have a valid Swedish ID and are not enrolled at a university or college in Sweden, then you are counted as a guest. We can issue you with a guest account, and you are free to use the services of the library, limited to the library building. You may not borrow books or other materials from the library.

Apply for a guest account


Create a PIN code

Students, researchers or alumni can create a PIN code login to borrow from the library's lending machines. You can then borrow books by using your social security number and PIN code.

Create a PIN code

As an alumni, you also use your PIN code to log in to “My Library Account”.


Order a University Card for the Printing service

If you have lost your university card or forgotten to order one, you can order a card by logging in to ”kontohantering” with your university account.

Order a university card



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