For teachers

As a teacher at Stockholm University, the library offers you support in the form of instruction and digital courses for your students.

If you are teaching students who are preparing to write a thesis at Stockholm University, the library offers different courses in information seeking competence for your students.

The library purchases the course literature which is used for your courses. The literature lists are sent to the library and the books are ordered accordingly.


Book a course for your students

The courses focus on how knowledge and information are organised. The overall goal is to develop the student’s ability to search for information and evaluate it in a scholarly way. We are happy to adapt the course content to topic and to your wishes. There are different types of course structure to choose from.

The course has four learning objectives. After completing the course, the student should:

•    Be familiar with different sources of information and search services
•    Be able to carry out information seeking in a scholarly manner
•    Be able to discern if different sources are reliable and relevant
•    Be familiar with different tools available for writing references

Lecture in the library or Zoom

You can book a 45-minute lecture or workshop in the library or Zoom. The library’s course room can accommodate a maximum of 25 people. We can also come to your department.

The lecture costs SEK 664 per lesson.

Order a course

To order a course please contact


Send course literature lists to the library

Each department and course coordinator is responsible for informing the library about which textbooks are relevant before each semester.

Please send course literature lists to The lists should clearly state which titles are new for the semester. This enables the purchasing procedure to go faster.

Unfortunately, the library does not have the opportunity to actively monitor sold-out titles on the course literature lists. But if we know that a previously sold-out book becomes available again, we will acquire it.

Students with a disability who need adapted course literature have access to their course literature through Legimus. You can make it easier for these students if you ensure that the literature list for the course is published well in advance of the course start. This means that all students have plenty of time if they need to order new talking books.

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