Stockholm University’s goal is to give all students the opportunity to study under equal conditions. The library offers accessible premises, a reading room for allergy sufferers, talking books for students with a reading impairment, resource rooms and other services.

The university continuously strives to improve the physical and psychosocial environment for both students and staff. The library is an important part of the study environment, and we adapt our premises and services to be accessible to everyone. Our website is designed to be accessible and all our video tutorials have subtitles. 
Guidance and services


Accessible premises and lifts

The library has two floors open to visitors. Stairs and two lifts connect the entrance floor (Floor 4) and the upper floor (Floor 5). The entrance floor has two accessible toilets / RWC and the upper floor has three.
Find the location of lifts and RWC in the interactive map


Reading room for allergy sufferers

A reading room for allergy sufferers can be found on the upper floor of the library. The reading room has space for up to twelve people. It provides good ventilation, and interior and surface materials are selected to accommodate allergies and ensure cleanliness.
The following rules apply to the reading room:

  • Do not use any strong perfumes or fragrances.
  • Do not bring nuts or food products which contain nuts.
  • Avoid smoking before entering the room.
  • Do not to wear clothes that have recently been in contact with animal fur.

We cannot guarantee a completely allergen-free environment, but we ask that everyone respect the rules. Please remember that allergic reactions can be serious for those who suffer from allergies.


Talking books for reading impairment and special pedagogical support

All public computers in the library have speech synthesis.

Students at Stockholm University who, due to an impairment, find it difficult to read printed text can obtain access to talking books. Students can get a talking books account in Legimus through the library. We show you how to use and order talking books. 
Talking books for reading impairments

In the library there are two resource rooms available with computers adapted specifically for students with disabilities, with resources such as speech synthesis and spell-checking.

Read more about the resource rooms

Stockholm University provides special pedagogical support to students with long-term disabilities. 
Read more about the special pedagogical support at Stockholm University



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