Study in the library

Frescati Library has about 1400 individual study places and 45 group study rooms. Printers, wireless network and other facilities are also available. All visitors are welcome to use the study places.

 The entrance floor of Frescati Library has several areas suitable for group study and discussions. Conversation is permitted everywhere except in the quiet reading room, The Bergdahl Room. 

Several students studying in hte Bergdahl Room in Frescati Library. Photo Karl Edqvist

The upper floor and the stairs is a quiet zone with several spaces for quiet study. The group study rooms are mainly located on the upper floor and are only available for students of Stockholm University.

There are several public computers in the library, most of which require login with a university account. A few computers are available without login for searches in the library catalogue, and one computer is available where visitors can access our databases and other e-resources.
Find your way in Frescati Library


We want everybody to have the best possible study and work environment Here you can read our library etiquette guidelines, developed in collaboration with student representatives. 

Please show respect for fellow library users and library staff. Speak in a low voice and keep your phone on silent mode so that everyone can study in peace. Please respect the quiet zones and avoid talking when on the stairs between floors or when leaving the group study rooms on the upper floor. Avoid strong fragrances out of respect for allergy sufferers. Kindly respect that the premises are used for studying and not for sleeping. No types of transport, such as bikes, are allowed in the library. 

Keep the study areas tidy. Please leave your study area in the same condition as you wish to find it. Tidy up when you have finished, place any garbage in the bins provided and arrange the furniture as you have found it before leaving. 

No food is allowed in the library. Drinks, fruit and sweets are permitted in the library, but nothing that smells or stains. If you drink coffee, please choose a cup with a lid. This also applies in the group study rooms.


Please never leave your phone, computer or other valuables unattended. Bring them with you whenever you leave your seat, even if only for a few minutes.
Frescati library is open to the public, and usually has thousands of visitors every day.
Unfortunately, thefts do occur.


Book a group study room or a resource room

Students at Stockholm University can book a group study room. The library has 45 group study rooms of various sizes. 

Frescati Library has two resource rooms available which have computers adapted specifically for students with disabilities. You need an access card to book and use these rooms.

The group study rooms and resource rooms are available when the library is open. Please note changed opening hours during holidays.

Book a group study room

When booking a group room, please consider the following:

  • You can book a room for up to ten hours at a time, and at the earliest a fortnight in advance.
  • Please cancel the room if you are not going to use it .
  • Some rooms are designed for one person, others are larger and can accommodate groups of up to 6-8 people. Choose the right size for your needs, for better ventilation and best use of the rooms.
  • To find your way to a room you have booked, please refer to the map of the library. Rooms 1-40 are located on the upper floor, and rooms A-H on the entrance floor.

Etiquette guidelines for group rooms:

  • You may not rearrange the furniture, e.g. move more chairs into the room.
  • No food is permitted in the rooms. 
  • Please leave the room in the condition you wish to find it.

There are a number of adapters for lending, to enable you to connect your computer to the screen in the room. Ask the staff at the information points.

The two resource rooms in Frescati Library are situated on the entrance floor. These rooms have computers that are adapted specifically for students with disabilities, with resources such as speech synthesis and spell-checking. 
To gain an access card to the rooms, please contact a coordinator for special pedagogical support. 
How to apply for support

Booking rules:

  • It is possible to book a room for a maximum of 4 hours per week, and at least 2 hours at a time.
  • Book no earlier than 14 days before the room is required.
  • Rooms may not be booked for examinations.
  • In the case of improper use of the rooms or the equipment, your library access card may be revoked.

Rent a locker for storage of study material

At Frescati Library, there are 280 lockers and trolleys for rent. These are for students at Stockholm University who need to store books and study material.  The rental fee is 400 SEK per year. If no lockers or trolleys are available you can put your name down for one.

To rent a locker, you must be registered at an institution at Stockholm University and also hold a university card with student status.

Apply for a rental locker by using this application form (university login)

We will notify you within two weeks to let you know whether or not you can rent a locker, or if you need to wait in queue.

You should collect the key to your locker at the Frescati Library information desk. Keys are rented out against your library loan account.

You can pay the key charge with a bank card or approved credit card when you collect the key. You can also pay to the library's ‘bankgiro’.

Keys must be returned before the locker rental period expires. Keys should be returned to the Frescati Library information desk. A late fee charge of 10 SEK per day is incurred if you do not return your locker key on time.

  • Library materials must be borrowed before they can be stored in the locker. 
  • It is strictly forbidden to store materials from reference collections or periodicals in the lockers. 
  • The library has the right to open lockers for regular inspections and to conduct spot checks.
  • As locker key holder, you are responsible for your locker key.
  • Regulations regarding care of your locker key are found in the rental contract.
  • The library is not responsible for personal belongings kept in lockers.

Your rental period can be extended if there is no queue. If you want to rent your locker for an additional rental period, please send an email to with the subject line "new lease" a few weeks before the expiry date. Please also include your personal Swedish ID number. We will notify you to let you know if your rental period can be extended for another 12 months. If granted, you will also receive instructions on how to pay the rental fee for the next period. 

You may not simultaneously queue for a new rental period while you are renting a locker. 

Stockholm University Library reserves the right to modify all, or parts, of the library rental terms during the rental period.


Printing, scanning and copying

On the entrance floor of Frescati Library you will find three machines for printing, scanning and copying. They are connected to Stockholm University's printing system, Printomat. This means that you can use any of the printers on the university’s campus, with an enabled university card. 

Using the University card to log in to the Printomat. Photo Karl Edqvist

Before printing with Printomat, students buy printouts by logging in to “My printouts”.

When you log in to “My printouts” you will also find print out prices, your balance and your transaction history, as well as a list of the Printomats at all the campuses of the university.

Login to “My printouts” 
Order a university card 

You can print from the public computers in the library or in the data labs. All Printomats at the university are connected to the same network and have a common print queue. You can pick up your prints at any Printomat. If there is a queue for the library’s Printomats you can pick up your prints at one of the other Printomats on campus.
The printers are set by default to print black and white  and double-sided on A4 paper.  Further information is available on the Service Portal on how to change settings, for instance, for color, single-sided, A3 paper, stapling, etc.

Change settings when printing from a PC
Change settings when printing from a Mac 

If you want to print from your own computer, you first need to change a few settings. Follow the instructions on the Service Portal:

Add Printomat to a private computer (Windows 10)
Add Printomat to a private computer (MacOS 10.11 or later)

Scanning is free, but you need to buy printout quota for the service to work. The files you scan are sent to the email address connected to your university account. 

Read more about scanning on the Service Portal

You can copy in black and white or color on the Printomats.
Photocopies may be used for private use only. Private use means that the photocopies cannot be used in any way that might be considered commercial.  

According to the Copyright Act (1960:729), photocopying entire books is forbidden.

Material from the library's rarities collections may not be photocopied.

Read more about copying in the Service Portal

Photocopy cards can be borrowed at the information desk where you also pay for your photocopies. We only accept card payment. Printing and scanning are not possible.


Access to wifi in the library

You can connect your own laptop to the wireless network throughout the library. 

Students and employees at the university use the university account to login. External visitors can get a temporary login at the library. The temporary login can be found near the entrance of Frescati Library. The temporary login is valid for one week at a time.

To gain access to the library’s e-resources as an external visitor use the library’s temporary login. This login works on your own laptop or on one of the computers at Frescati Library. You must be on the university campus for the login to work. 

Eduroam can be used for general internet access, but the library’s e-resources can only be accessed via the university network.



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