Vision and organisation

Stockholm University Library is a central support for the university’s researchers, teachers and students. Our goal is to create the best conditions for research, teaching and scholarly communication.

Stockholm University Library has its own infrastructure, which includes both the physical library and electronic resources. In addition to offering a service to our library users at Stockholm University and the general public, we are also a driving force in publishing issues and open science.  

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Vision and Goals

The goals of the library are based on the overall strategies set up by Stockholm University for 2019-2022. In line with those strategies, we create our own vision and development goals which we describe in our Operational Plan.

Strategies for Stockholm University 2019-2022



Together we create the best conditions for scholarly communication.


We support researchers and students of Stockholm University in the provision of information and dissemination of knowledge, so that they can conduct research and education in an environment characterized by openness, innovation and vitality. 

Overall Goals 

Our vision is self-evident for employees and permeates the work of the organisation and its development in a changing world. 

  • We focus on the user in everything we do, our services must be relevant and promote development towards a sustainable knowledge society.
  • In the services we develop, we think “digital first” and our activities are adapted to digital development.
  • Our activities and our working methods are characterised by an active culture of cooperation both within and outside our organisation. 
  • By 2023, at the latest, an infrastructure for digital storage and accessibility will be implemented.

Information supply at Stockholm University Library shall give our primary users, ie the university’s students, teachers, and researchers, access to the media resources needed for teaching and research conducted at Stockholm University. 

Media acquisition and collection management at the library are strictly demand-driven. We choose primarily the electronic format. Please read more in our general media policy.

Media Policy (263 Kb)

Procured suppliers

The University Library primarily uses procured suppliers for its media acquisitions.

Public library

The University Library is a public library and thus open to the public who is welcome to use existing material. Most of the University Library’s printed collections are available to other libraries through interlibrary loans. The electronic media resources are available to the public on site at the library.


The Library is part of the University Administration and its overall focus is determined by the Interdisciplinary Council.

Stockholm University Organisation Chart

The work at the University Library is led by the Library Director and a Management Group (read more about the Library Management below).  

Our history

When Stockholm University was founded at the end of the 1870s, the ground was also laid for the research library that is today Stockholm University Library. 

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Archives and Registry

The library also includes the University-wide Archives and Registry:

Archives and Registry (Swedish site)


Library Management

The Management Group deals with overall issues and questions of strategic importance for the organisation and is advisory to the Library Director in decision-making. 

The University Library Management consists of the Library Director, the Deputy Library Director and Administrative Manager and five Section Managers. 

In the absence of the Library Director, the Deputy Library Director conducts all the functions of the Library Director.

Contact information for the Library Management Group can be found below. 




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