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Teater- och dansvetenskap som forskningsområde

Theatre, Dance, Performance: Visions and Research Strategies.


Performance Studies at Stockholm University form part of the Department of Culture and Aesthetics. Focusing on the performing arts, public performances, and performances of everyday life, Performance Studies ‘recognize and insist on the interdependency of a related series of disciplines and also on the role of performance in the production of culture in its widest sense’ (Reinelt & Roach 2007: 5). Our research engages in transnational and trans-disciplinary discussions concerning theories in cultural, aesthetic, and critical theory, and on related research areas and methodologies. Studies span from historical contexts to the contemporary stage. Cultural performances have, for some time been, a particular focus of critical analysis. Our scholarly activities – including both research and teaching – are based on critical theory, stressing the social relevance of the humanities and the political responsibility of the individual scholar.

Reinelt, Janelle G. & Joseph R. Roach, “Introduction.” In Reinelt, Janelle G. & Joseph R. Roach (eds). Critical Theory and Performance Studies, revised and enlarged edition. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press 2007.

Research Topics

a. Theatrical events

b. Transnational and process geographies

c. Embodied practices and perception

d. Diversity, e/quality

e. Cultural policy and the welfare state

f. Aesthetic practices and creative processes

Individual research projects

Rebecca Brinch

Att växa sidledes istället för upp: Tematik, gestaltning och barnsyn i Suzanne Ostens scenkonst för unga

Petra Dotlacilova

Between Conventions and Reforms of Theatre Costume in the Ancient Regime. Louis-René Boquet and his Theatrical Imagery

Jonas Eklund

The Sensational Body

Lena Hammergren

Dance in Nordic Spaces: The Formation of Corporeal Identities
Verbalizing Dance: Dance Pedagogues’ Use of Language in Practice and Theory

Dirk Gindt

1) Tennessee Williams in Sweden and France 1946-1965. Cultural Translations, Sexual Anxieties and Racial Fantasies, 2) Lest We Forget. HIV and AIDS in Twenty-Century Performance

Maria Gullstam

Rousseau and the Theatre. From Performance Aesthetics to Political Anthropology

Karin Helander

Children’s Theatre – Historical Perspectives and Reception Studies
The Art of Acting and Education in Acting

Rikard Hoogland

Swedish Theatre in the Middle of the Cold War
Theatre on the Border Between Reality and Fiction – The Example Rimini Protokoll
Threaten Masculinity? The Declining of the Male Theatre Audience and the Swedish Cultural Policy

Birgitta Johansson

Theatre as Representation and Rebellion – Gothenburg City Theatre 1962–1982

Ellinor Lidén

The theater as an arena for intercultural encounters? A study of the significance of local association for the performing arts accessibility at Stockholms Stadsteater’s stage for children and young people in Skärholmen

Ulrika Lindgren

A Gender Sensitive Study of the Modern Breakthrough

Erik Mattsson

Scene Change. The Second Wave of Independent Theatre Groups, 1976-86

Hélène Ohlsson

Ellen Hartman – Popular and provaktiv theater diva. Staging of femininity, diva codes, career strategies and the art of acting in the nineteenth century

Ingrid Redbark-Wallander

Modernity Expressed in Dance: The Creation of Modern Identity in Swedish Dance 1930-1960

Tiina Rosenberg

Queer Lives in the Performing Arts

Willmar Sauter

The Theatre of Drottningholm: performing today on the baroque stage
Playing Culture: From mis-representing Cleopatra to a Poetics of Playing
Performing / Democracy / in Performance: Public appearance and collective response
Stage, art, and technology: digital performance and beyond.

Daria Skjoldager-Nielsen

Strategies for Audience Development in Swedish Public Theatres

Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen

Over the Threshold, into the World. Experiences of Transcendence in the Context of Staged Events

Magnus Tessing Schneider

Enlightenment Anthropology and Italian Opera: The Revolutionary Theatre of Ranieri Calzabigi

Meike Wagner

1) Performing Pre-modernity. Eighteenth-Century Theatre and Cultural Heritage, 2) Performing Citizenship. From Aesthetic Experience to Political Agency

Irene Velten Rothmund

Students experiences in Modern and Contemporary dance

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