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Lena Kautsky

Senior advisor

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Arbetar vid Stockholms universitets Östersjöcentrum
Telefon 08-16 28 59
Besöksadress Svante Arrhenius väg 20 F, plan 5
Rum P533
Postadress Stockholms universitets Östersjöcentrum 106 91 Stockholm

Om mig

Professor emeritus

My research focuses on studying various aspects of macroalgae and rooted aquatic plant ecology, their reproductive mechanisms, population dynamics and phenotypic plasticity, as well as goods and services produced in shallow coastal environments and algalbelts. The Baltic Sea with its sallinity gradient, makes it possible to study the evolutionary changes and adaptaion in many marine macroalgal species. The purpose of the Bonus program BALTGENE is to increase knowledge of biodiversity, its patterns and processes, coastal zone and develop tools for the management and authorities. Several other studies are underway that takes up presence and distribution patterns of the endemic species Narrow wrack (Fucus radicans) and its associated flora and fauna in the Baltic Sea. Other research projects are related to the impact on aquatic plants of eutrophication. Recently, the emphasis has been on studies of macroalgal species which produce halogenated toxic substances and what impact these substances can have on invertebrates. There are possibilities for minor student projects to be performed in the field e.g. at the Askö Laboratory.



Selected publications

Kautsky, L och C. Andersson (Wibjörn). 2005. Framtagning av en ny Bedömningsgrund för grunda mjukbottensmiljöer i Östersjön- makrovegetation. Rapport till Naturvårdsverket, reviderad 2005-06-19, sid 1-37.

Tatarenkov, A, Bergström, L. Jönsson RB, Kautsky, L. and Johannesson K. 2005. Intriguing asexual life in marginal populations of the brown sea weed Fucus vesiculosus. Mol. Ecol. 14: 647-651.

15. Malmvärn, A.; Marsh, G.; Kautsky, L.; Athanasiadou, M.; Bergman, Å.; Asplund, L., 2005. Hydroxylated and Methoxylated Brominated Diphenyl Ethers in the Red Algae Ceramium Tenuicorne and Blue Mussels From the Baltic Sea, Environ. Sci. Technol. 39, 2990-2997.

Wikström, S.A., Steinarsdóttir, M.B., Kautsky, L. & Pavia, H. 2006. Increased chemical resistance explains low herbivore colonization of introduced seaweed. Oecol. 148:593-601.

Råberg S. & Kautsky, L. 2007. Consumer affect prey biomass and diversity through resourse partitioning. Ecology 88: 2468-2473. 23.

Råberg S. & Kautsky, L. 2008. Grazer identity is crucial for facilitation growth of the perennial brown alga Fucus vesiculosus. MEPS 361:111-118.

Pereyra, R, T., Bergström L., Kautsky L and Johannesson K. 2009. Rapid speciation in a newly opened postglacial marine environment, the Baltic Sea. BMC Evolutionary Biology 9:70. 27.

Hansen, J.P. Wikström S.A. Axemar H and Kautsky L. 2011. Distribution differences and active habitat choices on invertebrates between macrophytes of different morphological complexity. Aquat. Ecol 45:11-22.

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