Education at the research level in Romance and Classical languages aims at giving students:

- in-depth and broader subject knowledge
- significantly improved language skills
- in-depth insights into general linguistics and literature theory and (especially in Romance languages) discourse analysis
- very good insights into the theory and methodology of the current research area for the dissertation
- ability for independent scientific work
- the ability to present the current research area in written and oral form.

The aim of the education program is to lay the foundation for the student's further research activities and to make the student more suitable for completing such tasks in society where a very high level of competence in the subject is important.

Guidelines for PhD Studies - Faculty of Humanities

General syllabi

General syllabus for third-cycle studies in Romance languages_applicable_190701 (190 Kb)

General syllabus (sve) Classics with Specialisation in Ancient Greek and Latin (595 Kb)