Aigars Kalnins, doktorand vid Avdelningen för baltiska språk, lägger fram sin slutseminarietext fredagen den 29 november kl 16 i E5156. Opponent är ass. prof. Tijmen Pronk från universitetet i Leiden.
Seminariespråket är engelska.
Om man önskar ta del av avhandlingsmanuskriptet inför seminariet går det bra att kontakta Aigars Kalnins:
The main aim of the thesis is to check the validity of a phonetic development (loss of *j before *i) that was casually proposed by Endzelīns almost a hundred years ago. In doing so, the original ad hoc formulation is tested according to modern standards, which include the application of the suggested development to all the relevant categories instead of a mere subset and its dating to a specific period in the prehistory of Latvian. The main part of the thesis is a dialectological investigation of three relevant categories: the present 2nd person singular, the masculine nominative singular of the active preterite participle and the ā- and ē-stem locative singular. All three sections seek to account for the dialectal material in a comprehensive way, i.e., not only with regard to loss of *j before *i.