General computer room rules at Stockholm University


In all computer rooms, Sunet's (the Swedish University Computer Network) ethic rules as well as the regulations concerning the use of Stockholm University's computer-, network-, and system resources apply.


Comfort rules in Språkstudion's computer rooms

  • Register by the front desk upon arrival.
  • Coffee, tea or water in a container with a lid as well as fruit or snacks are okay in the computer rooms.
  • Please remember that mobile phones can disturb recordings, both your own and other's. Mobile phones might also disturb the study focus for other persons in the room. If you need to have your mobile phone on, please activate "silent mode" and exit the computer room if you need to take or make a call.
  • Your work in Språkstudion's computer and seminar rooms should have an academic connection to languages, linguistics, literature or other language related work within the Faculty of Humanities. For computer use outside of that framework, please visit the University's general computer rooms.
  • Log out from the computer when you leave, please don't turn it off. The computers will be set to an environmentally friendly energy saving mode when logged out.
  • Please leave your computer seat in a neat order.

Practical information regarding the computer rooms

  • Your user access for Språkstudion will be activated on your university card after you've participated in an introduction at Språkstudion.
  • Log in to the computer with your SU-identity. It is the same username and password as to Mondo.
  • You can borrow headset, books and other resources by our front desk. You are allowed to borrow them during the time you're at Språkstudion. You're not allowed to bring them with you elsewhere.
  • A schedule for available drop-in hours in the computer rooms can be found on Språkstudion's website. You can not book a computer seat. First come - first served.
  • If you want to print something, the closest Printomat is placed in the corridor opposite the Språkstudion front desk.
  • If you need any assistance, please go to Språkstudion's front desk. We can control your computer form the front desk if needed, in order to help you.
  • Please let us know if something is not working properly, or if you have suggestions for improvement.

Welcome and good luck with your studies!