About Språkstudion

Språkstudion is the Stockholm University language learning resource centre. We are commissioned by the Faculty of Humanities to provide tools and infrastructure for language study, teaching and research. On this page you can read about our resources and activities.


Language Cafe

Språkstudion hosts Language Cafe sessions in a number of languages every week, both on campus and online. The Language Cafes give you the opportunity to practice your languages in an informal setting, together with other students and native-level language supporters. All Stockholm University students, staff and alumni are welcome to join, as are students and staff from our partner universities.

To the Language Cafe schedule

Language Buddy

Through Språkstudion's Tandem language exchange programme, you can be matched with a language buddy to mutually practise each other's languages. This type of language exchange gives you opportunities for individual language practice, as you get to know your language buddy and their culture.

Find a Language Buddy

More language activities

In addition to the language cafes and language exchange programme, we also offer other language activities. For example, this term we offer Swedish lunch for SU staff and a Japanese Poetry Reading Club for all SU students and alumni every week.

Please see our calendar for upcoming events. 

Tips and materials for your language activity

At the link below, we have gathered some useful suggestions and inspiration for both language supporters and language learners.

Tips and materials


Language activites

All students registered at Stockholm University are welcome to participate in our language cafes, language buddy program and events. Please see our calendar and the section above.

Computer seats and group study room

Students registered at departments within the Faculty of Humanities are welcome to use our computers and study rooms for self-study of language subjects. Access to this part of Språkstudion requires that you register on-site in our internal systems, and respect our code of conduct. Most language courses have a scheduled introduction to Språkstudion where you will be given the chance to register, but you are also welcome to come by our front desk for an individual introduction.

Computer seats for self-study are available on a drop-in basis and cannot be booked in advance. We publish the current week's available hours on TimeEdit.

See this week's self-study hours

Our study room Språkbubblan can be booked one week in advance. It has 8 seats. You are welcome to book blocks of 3 hours, at most 3 times a week per study group. Please see availabilty through TimeEdit scheduling system and contact our front desk to book.

See this week's study room availability



Language activites

All members of staff at Stockholm University are welcome to participate in our language cafes, language buddy program and events. Please see our calender for an updated schedule.

Teaching and assessment

Departments affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities are welcome to use Språkstudion for teaching and assessing language and language related subjetcs. There are two computer rooms and one flexible seminar room. All rooms are equipped for hybrid teaching. We are happy to introduce teachers to our resources and will try our best to meet your needs.

Resources in our seminar and computer rooms

Booking rooms

Stockholm University language departments have access to book our rooms through TimeEdit. If you would like to book our rooms but you are not part of a language department, please contact our front desk.
Please note that rooms should be vacated 10 minutes before the end of the scheduled booking time.

Booking and prices for seminar and computer rooms 

Recording studio

All members of staff at Stockholm University are welcome to book Språkstudion's Recording Studio for production of teaching materials, podcasts or videos. If you would like to book our recording studio but you ar not are not a member of staff, please contact our front desk.  

More information on the Recording Studio


Researchers and research students affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities are welcome to use our rooms and resources for research purposes, for example making recordings or carrying out different types of testing. Please contact our front desk to discuss if we could meet your needs. 


Språkstudion is commissioned and financed by the Faculty of Humanities, and part of the Department of Linguistics.

In collaboration with the language departments we offer tools and infrastructure for language teaching, learning, assessment and research. We have expertise within language and linguistics, IT, media and communication.

Språkstudion aims to promote language learning from a broad perspective within the university and in collaboration with society as a whole. Our language cafes and language exchange projects are open to all students and staff at Stockholm University. When time permits, we welcome school visits and participate in seminars and workshops in our fields of expertise.

Språkstudion's advisory board is composed by members from the Faculty of Humanities. Its mission is to maintain an up-to-date dialogue on current needs and visions among staff and students at the different departments of the faculty.

Members of Språkstudion's Advisory Board 2024-2026


Directors of studies

Study counselors/course administrators

Student representatives

  • Anna Sjöström, Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Tinna Valgeirsdottir, Department of Romance Studies and Classics 
  • Vacant position


  • Christine Ericsdotter Nordgren, director of Språkstudion

If you would like to get in contact with the advisory board, please contact our front desk.


Front desk

The front desk in House E, 2nd floor is open during the term. We will close for the summer from June 15th and open again on August 20th.

Regular opening hours

Monday–Thursday: 8:30 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Computer rooms for self-study

The computer rooms, Studio 1 and Studio 2, are open for self-study several hours a week during term time.

Detailed schedule for self-study hours this week

Limited opening hours

Språkstudion is closed at national holidays and occasionally for special events or meetings. Please see our News for updates on the schedule.


Språkstudion is located at campus Frescati, which is the main campus of Stockholm University. You can find us on floor 2 in house E of Södra huset.

How to get here


Red line number 14 towards Mörby centrum, station Universitetet. Walk past Aula Magna and Allhuset. The fifth blue house (Södra huset) is house E.


Take bus 50 and get off at Universitetsvägen. Walk towards the tall blue buildings (Södra huset). The fifth blue house is house E.


Station Universitetet. Walk past Aula Magna and Allhuset. The fifth blue house (Södra huset) is house E.


Campus Frescati is located on the eastern side of Roslagsvägen, north of Roslagstull. Take the exit from Roslagsvägen/E18 by the Circle K gas station, to Fiskartorpsvägen. Parking is available south of Södra huset. Parking fees apply.

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