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Adam Jacobsson framför greenscreen.

Distance learning – from coercion to joy

One year ago, Adam Jacobsson didn’t know how to shoot a video and had never taught remotely. Now he has an office at home and experiences he’ll bring with him even after the pandemic is over.

New acting head of the Finance Office

Head of procurement, Susanne Ekman, has been appointed acting head of the Finance Office.

Henrik Cederquist

Profiling of higher education institutions

In the Research Bill a new method of performance-based allocation of funding for research and research education awarded to the Swedish higher education institutions is outlined.

A new language policy 

A new language policy is now in place, adapted to current actions and needs. The policy is short and focuses on general statements with rationales.

Studenthuset. Foto: Jorge Win

Information for students and staff about the corona virus

The latest information and university positions regarding the new corona virus and the pandemic. The information is updated continuously.