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Henrik Cederquist and Elisabeth Wåghäll Nivre

Thank you for these six years

In a few weeks, we will be leaving our respective assignments as deputy vice presidents. These have been six interesting and exciting years in which we have not only dealt with a number of crises and challenges, but also experienced successes and joys in our faculties.

Focus on academic leadership

Leadership at a university, which is also an administrative authority, is based on those who delegate – ultimately the President – trusting that those who receive the delegation can also handle it wisely.

Attempted phishing attacks against the university

There are many phishing attempts going around right now. Be extra vigilant against emails that look different, even if they seem to come from someone you know.

Kriminologipristagarna 2024

Criminology prize for research on legitimacy and legal security

The 2024 Stockholm Prize in Criminology is awarded to the American professors Gary LaFree and Tom R. Tyler for their research on democratic legitimacy and procedural justice in policing democracies.

Security training to raise awareness among all staff members

Did you know that the university has an online training tool for secure information management? The training is for all staff members and comes in the form of an email about once a month.

Work has started to recruit a new President

31 January 2025, the tenure of Stockholm University’s current President Astrid Söderbergh Widding expires. The university board has now started the work for proposing a new President.