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Phishing email warning

Many SU employees have received an email today with the title ”Felaktig Auktorisering På Fakturan” that appears to come from an employee at Stockholm University of the Arts. The email looks credible with email signature etc. but is false. If you have received the email – do not click on any links, delete the email immediately.

Deputy Vice Presidents Yvonne Svanström, Henrik Cederquist and Elisabeth Wåghäll Nivre. Photo: Ingma

Focus on quality and good subject knowledge in teacher education

Teacher education remains a joint responsibility of Human Science and Science.

Portrait of Afzal Siddiqui, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences

“EU funding is a long-term process”

A workshop aiming to help the participating researchers on their way to EU funds concluded the EU course held by the university alliance Stockholm trio. The course will be offered again in 2023.

Students working together on a computer

Guidelines on using AI-powered chatbots in education and research

The university guidelines intend to offer guidance to teachers, researchers and various bodies within the university about how to relate to AI chatbots.

Portrait of Marlene Ågerstrand

International interest in open course in chemicals

A Stockholm University MOOC on assessment and management of chemicals has so far been completed by participants from almost 60 countries.